Hi, everyone! Happy Saturday! Hope you are all having an amazing morning so far, and are out and about enjoying this wonderful weather!

It feels like winter is lasting forever, so we decided to fully embrace it by creating a Snow Queen look. We had a request from a potential client to do stage makeup, so we rolled up our sleeves and decided to try it out.

Thanks to Michelle (one of our amazing stylists) for allowing us to fully make her up, and go all out on white clown makeup foundation and the silver hair spray! You’re a trooper.


Mary started off by doing the hair (Michelle was already sporting some awesome blue strands, which worked perfectly with the look we were going for).



Here you see Mary braiding her hair and giving her some much needed lift on the front.



After some pulling and messing and bobby pinning, we loved the look.



Nothing better than to add some stencils to add up to the look!


We used some great theater makeup from Paint and Powder Cosmetics, and they have everything! Seriously, everything you need – from white clown, to glitter, to hair sprays, to fake blood. So, if you’re thinking of doing anything creative, it’s the place to go!


Here’s the final look!



And the details are all in the eyes, so here you go, a close up of the eye makeup!





What do you think? Would you ever go all out with your makeup? We know dancers/ actors usually have to be bolder in their makeup so it translates the look from the stage to the auditorium, so don’t be afraid to add more sparkle, and bolder colors!