We don’t know how it escaped us to post about our brunch sooner, but with Best of NoVa, giveaways and an amazing new Smoothing System,  we got our hands full.


We can’t thank you all enough for coming in and sharing on that day with us. Also, we are truly thankful for Misty Carter from the Lansdowne Asthetic Center for coming in and explaining further about her work, and their new clinic opening this winter. We look forward to having you here again, as well as Dr. Baraki. Thanks, again, for all the help into making this brunch a success and educating our clients.

Thomas Yvanauskas, from Innovative Skincare did some amazing product demos as well. Thanks for putting together some outstanding goodie bags for our lovely ladies. We love these products, and would like nothing more than to see our clients using, trusting, and loving them as well.

Well, anyhow, here are bits and pieces of an amazing afternoon with a great, fun, amazing group of gals.



Brunch done right: lots of cheesy goodness, as well as some amazing quiche by our lovely Mary.



And decadent chocolate banana bread by one of our lovely clients, Debbie.




After our initial talk, the ladies gathered in the room for some makeup application demos and talk through. Stephanie did an amazing job, and all our ladies looked fantastic! We also got to open our newest Makeup Display by Jane Iredale and we couldn’t be happier!



After a wonderful group talk about Dr. Baraki, herself, and the new Lansdowne Aesthetic Center, Misty went on to give personal 1 on 1 consultations to our clients.



Thomas spent a lot of time explaining the benefits of a good skincare regimen. After educating the clientele about the iS products, he demonstrated how to properly use them for maximum results. Thomas tailored an ideal regimen for each of our clients, based on their problem areas, or how to prevent them.




Michelle focused on giving tips on achieving that salon blowout at home. Our clients learned how to recreate the look themselves.


It was a lovely Sunday afternoon, filled with giveaways and prizes, great talks and bonding of clients, reps, and our stylists. We received an amazing feedback from the ladies that attended it, and we will soon set up another brunch!