Those long, sunny summer days have said their goodbyes. And to most people, it means saying hello to pale winter skin. Well, it doesn’t have to be so! Your tan doesn’t have to go anywhere!

There are tons of self-tanning products in the market, though they still seem foreign to most of us. The trick with using self tanners is finding one that won’t make you look orange – that Oompa Loompa look should stay in movies only!

Finding a shade that is flattering to you doesn’t always happen with the first product you choose, which is why today we are introducing a really good – no orange-proof self-tanner.


Tantasia – by Jane Iredale


It combines the best of all worlds:

:: Unique Ingredients work with your own melanin to produce a tan that is yours alone! Never looking orange.

:: Streak free! So your tan will build up evenly and gradually with each use.

:: It has an invigorating fresh fragrance, with no after smell.

:: It’s sensitivity-tested for multipurpose use on body and face.

:: Wheat proteins provide soothing, natural hydration for skin.

:: Vegetable-sourced natural silicone makes your body feel like silk.


Now, on to how you should apply it:

On the face: use a pea-size drop and dot the product on your forehead, cheeks and chin. Spread from the center of the face – out.

On the body: you’ll need at least a quarter-size drop for the arms, and the same for legs and body. Rub the product in up-down motions.

*Don’t forget to wash your hands afterwards! Repeat daily until a golden tan has been achieved – or until  you are satisfied with the tan. After that, just incorporate it on your skin routine to maintain the color.