Hi, everyone! We are really excited about today’s post! And if you’re writing this, be prepared for some pictures galore!

We were honored to be invited by Cindie, from Brides and Weddings, to participate in a photo shoot that will be featured on their website, and will be published early next year. The group of vendors couldn’t be better, and we are just itching to share some of the behind the scenes!


The backdrop of the photo shoot? The gorgeous Marriott Ranch, in Hume. The venue is perfect for brides looking for a rustic chic feel to their wedding, and the Inn is quaint, and so full of charm it’s impossible to resist.


As I said we had such a great group of vendors on the day of, and our model was just a dream to work with. Here are some shots of Mary getting our model Carolyn, ready for the pictures. We featured two hairstyles and gave her airbrushed makeup for that all day flawless look.




Then it was out of the chair for some pictures. The lovely Lindsey and her team from The Glass Eyed Pony, were shooting all day long, and we were able to catch some lens action.


These girls are just hard working, and so passionate about their work. We are looking forward to the final result.

While they were snapping away, it was time for Miriam, over at Soliloquy Bridal and Mary to watch, and to adjust the hair and dress when needed.



After they finished taking all the pictures in the house, it was time to go outside with the other model of the day, and just how gorgeous is it?



And that was all supervised by the watchful eyes of Miriam and Mary, who made sure the dress and hair do were perfect on the shots.

Tired? There’s still some to go! Then it was time to change the do while the photographers moved to the Pavillion, where the receptions are usually held. I don’t want to give it all away, but even from afar how gorgeous is it?

The place was decorated beautifully with pieces from Diamond Events, and flowers provided by Cynthia, from Design in Bloom.



And of course, after a long day of beautiful weather, amazing company and a lovely time provided by Cindie and the staff at Marriott Ranch (Stephanie is just the nicest! She’s been in the ranch for a few years now, and made sure throughout the shoot that all her guests, and us, were enjoying our stay), we were lucky to get to taste some of the heavenly pastries from Victoria, over at Cakes by Happy Eatery.


(Stephanie T., Stephanie D., Cynthia, Miriam and Mary)


(Cindie, Mary, Miriam and Carolyn)



Cindie and the team at the end of the day.


There are so many people to thank for the day! So, here’s a big thank you to:

Cindie Reinhold (Brides and Weddings of Northern Virginia), for inviting us to be a part of this wonderful photoshoot, and for being a great company on the day of;

Stephanie Dasch (Diamond Events), for putting together such a great team, and for planning and supervising everyone, making sure the day went by smoothly;

Stephanie Thimons (Marriott Ranch), for taking such a good care of the venue, and for being passionate about her work, as well as making us all feel welcome;

Lindsey Warren and her team (Glass Eyed Pony), for doing a wonderful job with the pictures – we can’t wait to see them all!;

Cynthia Damico (Design in Bloom), for providing the gorgeous flowers for the photoshoot, as well her great personality;

Victoria Wu (Cakes by Happy Eatery), for letting us eat all her beautiful work of arts (seriously, they looked almost as good as they tasted);

Miriam Liggett (Soliloquy Bridal), for providing such a jaw dropping gorgeous dress for the shoot, and for being such a great company on the drive;

Carolyn Cutshall (Hunt Country Jewelers), for being such a great model to work with, very patient and professional, as well for providing the beautiful jewelry for the shoot;

Lori Shepherd (Everything Linen), for providing beautiful linens for the set ups;

Holli Rathman (Outside the Window), for the beautiful artwork she created for the shoot.

Please check all of them out! They are all wonderful professionals and you’re sure to love their work and services. We had a great day and we hope all of you survived all the text and pictures! Links for each vendors are next to their names!