Happy Thursday, everyone!

We know summer is slowly coming to an end, and as excited as we are about pumpkin lattes, new fall trends on hair/makeup and the beautiful hues of the trees, it’s always sad to say goodbye to the longer summer days.

That’s why so many of us are still planning on going on our last trips to take in as much of the warm weather as possible. And for that we have just the perfect treat.


If you’re one of the people who try their best to avoid the hassle of checking in bags, opting instead to bring a carry-on, this is perfect for you.

It was with them in mind that Eufora came out with this kit: Beauty-On-The-Go. This travel size kt includes two cult favorites from the line: Beautifying Serum and Illuminate Finishing Spray.



It gets better! The greatest part of this kit is the fact that Eufora knows each client has their favorite shampoo and conditioner, so they’re letting you choose which ones to have in your kit!

How great is that? Finally a kit that can be tailored to suit you and your hair type.


For your shampoo you can choose from the following: Hydrating, Pure Cleanse, Urgent Repair and Volumizing.

For conditioner, you can choose between: Daily Balance, Urgent Repair Treatment and Moisture Solution.

It’s a great kit, with a great bag, perfect to carry it around without worrying if your products will spill or having to buy extra travel sizes containers and forgetting which containers holds what. And plus: they won’t take that away from you in the plane. They are all travel-sizes!

And don’t forget, we will also refill all products we can, including the travel sizes, for 10% off if you bring back the empty bottles. We are firm believers of reusing the bottles and doing our share for the environment.

What do you think? Call us for prices and availability of the kits, and let us know where you’re going to enjoy the rest of summer, we’d love to know!