We stumbled upon this really handy blog post by Naturally Curly, and couldn’t wait to share it with you.

A lot of us prefer to go ‘au naturel’ on summer, which means setting aside the heat tools and enjoying our curly hair. But let me tell you, it takes a lot more work to get nice curls than people think! These 10 Commandments are tried, and true! We think they are tremendously helpful, so of course we wanted to make sure you all knew!





Thank you so much Naturally Curly for letting us feature this on our blog! Check out the article as it appears on their blog, and please visit their website as well. They have tons of tips on how to care for your specific hair type, plus a lot of videos, product and salon recommendations as well. Let them know we sent you over there!


What do you think? Anything outside of the 10 Commandments that you do to help maintain a healthy, soft and shiny bouncy curl? Let us know!