We know how it goes: we spend all day in the water, focusing most of our attention on protecting our face and body from the sun. What most people don’t know, or are just not used to, is that their hair needs the same attention and protection as well!

In simple steps, you can make sure that your hair is protected against sun damage, and ready to go after your dip in the beach/pool.

1. Use Leave-in Conditioner!

The salt on beach water and also chlorine in the pool help dry out your strands, so adding moisture is a must! Work a pump of Eufora’s Hydration Leave-in conditioner through your hair, focusing on the ends, but still getting some of the root. The leave-in conditioner contains sunscreen, essential for protection against sun damage. It’s a 2 in 1 product! (Remember to repeat this step when you leave the water, to add moisture back.)


If you’re worried about sun damage, try using Eufora’s Elevate Finishing Spray, or Formatte Finishing Creme. Both products work similarly to coat the hair strands to avoid any UVA/UVB damage.


2. Replenish the Hair!


When rinsing your hair in the shower, focus on deep cleansing the roots with Eufora’s Pure Cleanse Shampoo.


Replenish your scalp and hair by adding back essential nutrients, with Urgent Repair Shampoo and Urgent Repair Replenishing Treatment. They provide heavy moisture that will, as their name suggest, repair the strand and restore vitality to dry, damaged hair.


Follow up with one more pump of the Hydrating Leave-in Conditioner, to lock in all the moisture from your shampoo and conditioner and voila!



It sounds like a lot of work, but over time you will see a huge improvement with your hair. By adding three to four products to your summer routine, you’ll get healthier, less damaged hair. That will end up saving you tons on conditioning treatments at the salon!


*Tip: Urgent Repair Replenishing Treatment can also be used on your skin post-sun exposure. The Menthol and Aloe Vera offer soothing and healing benefits for skin conditions and overexposure to the sun.



Which products do you already use when you go out to the pool/beach? Leave it in the comments bellow!