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If you’ve never been in Brush Strokes, please feel free to stop in and say Hi! We would love to give you a tour of our quaint salon and introduce you to the Owner of the salon, Mary and the team.



Brush Strokes Salon Welcomes…



We would like to welcome Donna to our Brush Strokes team!


She comes to us with over 15 years of experience and skill which makes her one of our senior stylist.


For limited time, Donna is offering her services at our junior level pricing. Call now and schedule an appointment with her between now and January 31st, to receive your introductory price.


Donna’s schedule is as follows:

Thursday: 11am – 7pm

Friday: 10:30am – 6pm


10am – 6pm


Reserve your appointment today before her schedule fills up!



*Only valid for new guests that have never visited Brush Strokes Salon previously.

**Not valid for returning guests.

***The time of service must be on or before January 31st. No exceptions will be made.


10 Curly Cues

We are on a curly hair kick this month!

Thanks to Eufora, they have come up with 10 Curly Cues to keep your curls looking amazing all day!

Whats better than Eufora, which they happen to be our favorite products to use on curly hair.



Running your hands through your curls and waves disrupts the curl pattern and creates dreaded frizz.



Brushing curls results in a frizzy, dull finish. A wide toothed comb should be your go-to detangling tool.



Freshly cleansed curls should be gently scrunched or blotted with a Eufora microfiber. Never rub dry.

(You can purchase a Eufora microfiber towel at Brush Strokes for $15.50. It will change your life!)



Make a great moisturizing conditioner, such as Curl’n Enhancing Conditioner, your best friend. Hydrated curls are more manageable, soft and shiny.

(Curl’n Enhancing Conditioner – $26.50)



Is your hair fine, frizzy and dull? Or thick, heavy, coarse and manic for moisture? When it comes to curls, one size does not fit all. There are infinite shapes, sizes and textures, so be sure to ask your stylist to help select a daily care regimen perfect for your unique curls.



Curly hair is super vulnerable to damage from hot tools such as blow dryers and flat irons, so allow curls to air dry whenever possible. If you must blow dry, use a diffuser on low or medium heat. Ditto for curling and flat irons.



Every curly girl needs a weekly moisture infusion ritual. Indulge yourself, and make time for a deep conditioning treatment using Curl’n Nourishing Treatment to strengthen, moisturize and keep your curls looking their best.

(Curl’n Nourishing Treatment – $26.50)



The twists and tunnels of curly hair don’t reflect as much light as smooth, straight hair, making curls look dull and dry. For curls that look shiny, healthy and frizz free, add a great shine product such as Smooth’n Oil Therapy to your hair care regimen.

(Smooth’n Oil Therapy – $39)



Curls thrive on that personal touch when it comes to styling, so “cocktailing” products can create some of the best styling and finishing solutions. Add a bit of Smooth’n Oil Therapy or Pure Polish to Forming Cream to amp up frizz control, manageability and shine. Combine Sculpture and Illuminate for super shiny, soft control with a boost of color protection! Experiment and invent your unique curly cocktail.

(Pure Polish – $30.50, Forming Cream – $26)



Keeping curly hair well-manicured will help eliminate frizzy ends, and an expert cut will ensure you make the most of your personal curl pattern and texture.






Holiday Hours

Brush Strokes Holiday Hours


Thanksgiving (Nov. 26th): Closed

Black Friday (Nov. 27th): Open – Normal business hours


Christmas Eve (Dec. 24th): Closing at 2pm

Christmas (Dec. 25th): Closed

Saturday, December 26th: Closed


New Year’s Eve (Dec. 31st): Closing at 5pm

New Year’s Day (Jan. 1st): Closed



Just a reminder to get your appointments scheduled in advance!

Our evenings and Saturday’s openings are nearly gone.

Please don’t wait until the last minute to call, we are recommending two weeks in advance…

New Products!

b2ap3_thumbnail_finipil-display.jpgWe have started carrying Finipil again!

For those of you that have used Finipil before, I know your probably jumping with joy!

For those of you that have not used Finipil before, you are missing out! But you’re in luck because we got a shipment in and you can come pick up a bottle today.


What’s so great about Finipil, you may be asking. Finipil is a product mainly used before, after and in-between hair removal services. It is an antiseptic cream that is scientifically proven to kill 99.999% of all bacteria. It has a cool feeling which soothes and protects the empty hair follicle.

It can be used daily to help with dry, chapped or rash prone skin. It is a first aid to help prevent bacterial contamination in minor cuts, scrapes and burns. It really has many amazing uses and helps protect your skin against all those environmental elements that cause such harm.


Check out their website for more information about Finipil.


Thank you to all of our wonderful clients for helping us reach the #1 spot on the Herndon Patch​ list! We are so honored and excited to be able to work for such amazing clients!


We have worked so hard to make every guest’s experience amazing and for them to feel welcomed in our quaint salon. We couldn’t be more pleased to know that all our hard work is paying off.


The Brush Strokes team makes a huge commitment to make sure all of our stylists are highly trained, talented and skilled! We will not stop learning and growing!




The problem with the Instagram Brows

Makeup artist and Youtube Guru Wayne Goss is known for his great makeup tutorials and tips.

This week on a conference he tackled the problem with today’s Instagram brows. You know the ones, where the tip is not filled and the ends are dark and perfectly shaped.


The days of the instagram brows are limited, he says. While this makeup trick photographs beautifully, he mentions that the top makeup artists out there: Laura Mercier, Mary Greenwell, would never put that look on their clients.

Check out his full video for all the reasons why “Your Instagram Eyebrows are Scaring Everyone”.

The Art of the Pull Apart

We see it everywhere. Beautiful braids, gorgeous, big braids, and when we try to recreate it, they are tiny and lack the dimension of the tutorial.

Well, a really amazing blogger/youtuber Kayley Melissa just handed us the secrets to getting the perfect pull apart braid. She does use different brands than we have available at the salon, but you can achieve the results by using Eufora’s products as well.

Let us know on the comments bellow if you need any recommendations, and don’t forget to check out Kayley’s blog for the full tutorial on this look!


How to make your Makeup Last

Come Summer, our skin changes. The heat tends to make most of us oily, and our biggest concern is that our makeup will stay put. ( And our hair staying frizz-free,but that is a post for a different time)

In our years of doing hair + makeup for events, we know a few key points to make sure your makeup will last throughout the day, and throughout your event.


– Prep the skin

We are true believers of Absence Oil Control Primer. It’s perfect for creating a barrier between the skin and the makeup, and not only will it prime it, but it will create a barrier to absorb your skin oiliness throughout the day. If you have dry skin, even during summers, or even a combination, you can certainly use a different primer, like Smooth Affair. This will ensure that your skin is hydrated, and ready for the makeup.


– Facial Spritz

Jane Iredale currently provides three different Facial Spritz: Pommist (geared towards rosacea skin), D2O ( for your  sensitive / dry skin) and Balance ( for your oily skin, with green tea extract). For better results, spritz before everything, and then once all your powder products have been applied. Applying it on top of powders will make them set with a more natural finish.


– Oil Blotting Papers

No matter what you do sometimes, your skin can get shiny. You don’t have to get more powder to make it matte. Next time, try using some sort of Oil Blotting Sheet, just blot it lightly on your face, and it will absorb the oils and leave your makeup on your face.


– Use Powders

We highly recommend using powders instead of liquid during the summer, for added lasting power. Jane Iredale’s powders also have SPF, so they double as your sunscreen as well!



Also, this is a big reminder. We mean BIG. Do you know what kind of chemicals you’re putting on your face and body? Do you read ingredient lists at all? Do you check the safety of your cosmetics? If you answered no to any of these question we highly recommend you to do so.

We are all about making sure that our clients get the best products. So next time you run out of your blush, or eyeshadow, or even foundation,I would take a peek at the website EWG ( Environmental Working group) and see how safe your product is.

That’s why we only carry Jane Iredale with us. We encourage you to check them on the website, and see for yourself the quality of ingredients.

This video we found on today is living proof of why it’s so important to be educated about your cosmetics and products in general.


Best of NoVa 2014 Poll!!!

Hi, everyone!

Just a quick stop today to say the Best of NoVa 2014 Poll is officially open! It means a lot for all businesses to have their name out there, and to see their hard work being recognized by their clients.


We would truly appreciate if each of you could take a few minutes to register and support Brush Strokes on this year’s poll. We could always count on your support to achieve some big milestones, and to be able to keep providing you with the best services we can.

Just click on the image bellow and you’ll be taken to the survey page. Thanks for taking time to read this post, and hopefully to vote and support us too!