Spring Hairstyles, Hair Color and Trends

Hi, everyone! Hope you are all out or making plans to go out and enjoy this beautiful weather we’re having today!

To celebrate Spring finally being here, we’ve browsed the web for you and collected the Hottest trends for color, styles and wedding for this Spring 14.


There is definitely a color that is getting a lot of attention this season: Rose Gold. We’ve seen it in all different ways. on peek-a-boo styles like January Jones, on the tips on Lauren Conrad, and on Sienna Miller, who took the plunge and dyed her whole head – it’s gorgeous!

Would you go for it? Or would you stay safe and just dye your tips? Let us know!


We’ve also noticed that medium browns and all over colors are slowly replacing the ombre trend of last year. And gals, it looks gorgeous! We love that Spring this year doesn’t necessarily means going lighter, isn’t it fresh?

Well, head over to redbook and get the full scoop of this Spring’s Hottest Hair Trends!


Cezanne Perfect Finish Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Hi, everyone!

The hair industry has come a long way with products and treatments, and we get closer to safer treatments every day. One of them is the Keratin Treatment.

At first it was a blessing, calming down the frizz and smoothing your hair. Most clients didn’t even complain too much about the smell, because results were amazing. Unfortunately, it was later noted that most of them contained higher levels of formaldehyde than the FDA deemed safe.

Cezanne Perfect Finish is the latest of treatments to shy away from this substance. It uses sodium sulfite, which is a food-grade preservative as a smoothing agent, instead.

It’s a great new system, and it’s priced the same as the normal treatment. It’s good for the hair and you won’t get the watery eyes and fumes of the previous treatments.

This new system is highlighted on Doctor Oz’s Magazine, on the Health + Happiness section of the upcoming edition, so don’t forget to check it out! And we are excited to share that we are now offering the Cezanne Smoothing Treatment at Brush Strokes, as well as some of their hair products! So call us to book your service and experience a safer option for you Keratin!


Paul Mitchell Event



Some of you know by now that we had the opportunity to meet with Paul Mitchell’s Future Stylists this past Tuesday night, on their Future Professionals in Action 2014 event.

It was our first time going to this event, so we didn’t really know what to expect.

This is how it went:

We were first directed upstairs, where Cleashay, placement leader for the design team, explained to all salon owners and managers what their graduates would be showing us that night, as well as the programs offered at Paul Mitchell at Tysons.

Off we went to the first floor, where a lot of young graduating stylists were showing their talent on customers.




We had the opportunity to walk around, check out their portfolio, ask questions, and most importantly interact with all of them.



We were joined by the lovely Mina, manager of Spa Noa.


The event took about 1.5 hours, in which we walked around and checked out the stylists and their work. We were super impressed with the quality of the work. There were at least 10-15 salon owners/managers and recruiters on the floor, but most of them didn’t seem fazed by it – instead being lovely, professional and approachable.


If you are or know any salon owners looking for great beginner stylists to guide and see flourish, we definitely recommend checking it out.




Check back tomorrow for some great news on a new smoothing system that just came out! And for more pictures of the event, check out their facebook page here!

Spring Changing

Hi, everyone. Is it just us, or is everyone just tired of winter?


Lately we’ve gotten a real head-start on Spring Cleaning (we will pretend it’s already Spring, k?). But truth be told, we feel like this year is already going by too fast – though until Spring actually gets here, the year isn’t going fast enough (does it make sense?)

Well, while normal people – and not our beauty obsessed bunch – are gearing towards a lot of spring cleaning plans, we are looking out for Spring changes. Changes in color, in the cut. Out with the old, in with the new – hair!

We are always trying something new – and it doesn’t have to be completely out of the box, either. Small variations of your tone can add a new look to you!

Now, if it’s your first time getting your hair colored, there are 3 really good points to consider.


1. Be clear on your expectations: it’s important to know, even prior to going into the salon, whether you want to be blond, brunette or a redhead. Always consult with your stylist to know what you can expect from the color, and ask them whether a cool or warm tone would work best with your skin and eyes.

2. Up keeping:  let your stylist know about your lifestyle and routine. Let them know how often you want to/can come to the salon. Some clients are after low-maintenance colors, and 8-12 weeks in between visits to the salon. Others don’t mind coming in more frequently.

3. Maintenance of color: coloring your hair is an investment. To prolong the life of your color (preventing it from fading) we greatly recommend investing in a good shampoo/conditioner combo. In our eyes, why would you pay for a great color line, and strip your hair by washing it with products containing petrochemicals? It’s best to invest in good products to maintain not only your color, but also your scalp and hair’s health.

We are true believers of the Eufora line. It uses advanced plant technology, is based on organic Aloe Vera gel, and the highest quality botanical ingredients. We notice a huge difference in our clients’ hair health when they use Eufora products, and cannot stress how greatly the products work!


Any questions? Let us know by commenting bellow or on our facebook page! And if you have any other tips, share it as well!


Snow Queen Makeup

Hi, everyone! Happy Saturday! Hope you are all having an amazing morning so far, and are out and about enjoying this wonderful weather!

It feels like winter is lasting forever, so we decided to fully embrace it by creating a Snow Queen look. We had a request from a potential client to do stage makeup, so we rolled up our sleeves and decided to try it out.

Thanks to Michelle (one of our amazing stylists) for allowing us to fully make her up, and go all out on white clown makeup foundation and the silver hair spray! You’re a trooper.


Mary started off by doing the hair (Michelle was already sporting some awesome blue strands, which worked perfectly with the look we were going for).



Here you see Mary braiding her hair and giving her some much needed lift on the front.



After some pulling and messing and bobby pinning, we loved the look.



Nothing better than to add some stencils to add up to the look!


We used some great theater makeup from Paint and Powder Cosmetics, and they have everything! Seriously, everything you need – from white clown, to glitter, to hair sprays, to fake blood. So, if you’re thinking of doing anything creative, it’s the place to go!


Here’s the final look!



And the details are all in the eyes, so here you go, a close up of the eye makeup!





What do you think? Would you ever go all out with your makeup? We know dancers/ actors usually have to be bolder in their makeup so it translates the look from the stage to the auditorium, so don’t be afraid to add more sparkle, and bolder colors!





Side French Braid Tutorial (from the Small Things Blog)

We see tutorials for long hair left and right online. But us, short haired people, have a real hard time finding cute hairstyles. (Or is it just me?)

Browsing our favorite blogs this morning, we came through a great tutorial for short hair gals at The Small Things Blog. Actually, Kate is a fellow short hair gal herself, and of course, comes up with the prettiest hair dos. Then we found the French Braid Tutorial. If you know us, you know we are braid lovers, so we could not wait to share this tutorial with you!


Here’s a picture of the hairdo we got from her blog, and she also has a great step by step video. Don’t forget to check it out and to post on our wall, or tag us on your picture if you do decide to try it!



via The Small Things Blog

Hope  you guys have a great week!


Beauty Brunch Sunday!

We don’t know how it escaped us to post about our brunch sooner, but with Best of NoVa, giveaways and an amazing new Smoothing System,  we got our hands full.


We can’t thank you all enough for coming in and sharing on that day with us. Also, we are truly thankful for Misty Carter from the Lansdowne Asthetic Center for coming in and explaining further about her work, and their new clinic opening this winter. We look forward to having you here again, as well as Dr. Baraki. Thanks, again, for all the help into making this brunch a success and educating our clients.

Thomas Yvanauskas, from Innovative Skincare did some amazing product demos as well. Thanks for putting together some outstanding goodie bags for our lovely ladies. We love these products, and would like nothing more than to see our clients using, trusting, and loving them as well.

Well, anyhow, here are bits and pieces of an amazing afternoon with a great, fun, amazing group of gals.



Brunch done right: lots of cheesy goodness, as well as some amazing quiche by our lovely Mary.



And decadent chocolate banana bread by one of our lovely clients, Debbie.




After our initial talk, the ladies gathered in the room for some makeup application demos and talk through. Stephanie did an amazing job, and all our ladies looked fantastic! We also got to open our newest Makeup Display by Jane Iredale and we couldn’t be happier!



After a wonderful group talk about Dr. Baraki, herself, and the new Lansdowne Aesthetic Center, Misty went on to give personal 1 on 1 consultations to our clients.



Thomas spent a lot of time explaining the benefits of a good skincare regimen. After educating the clientele about the iS products, he demonstrated how to properly use them for maximum results. Thomas tailored an ideal regimen for each of our clients, based on their problem areas, or how to prevent them.




Michelle focused on giving tips on achieving that salon blowout at home. Our clients learned how to recreate the look themselves.


It was a lovely Sunday afternoon, filled with giveaways and prizes, great talks and bonding of clients, reps, and our stylists. We received an amazing feedback from the ladies that attended it, and we will soon set up another brunch!



Best of NoVa 2014 Poll!!!

Hi, everyone!

Just a quick stop today to say the Best of NoVa 2014 Poll is officially open! It means a lot for all businesses to have their name out there, and to see their hard work being recognized by their clients.


We would truly appreciate if each of you could take a few minutes to register and support Brush Strokes on this year’s poll. We could always count on your support to achieve some big milestones, and to be able to keep providing you with the best services we can.

Just click on the image bellow and you’ll be taken to the survey page. Thanks for taking time to read this post, and hopefully to vote and support us too!



Easy Cat eye Trick

Hi everyone! We’ve gotten tons of snow, so we had to close for the day.


Hope everyone is safe, warm and with power! Have any of you enjoyed the outside? We stayed in and decided that there was no better way to spend this snow day then to share the promised cat eye trick with you!

Here we go, it’s really simple, just 3 steps! And all you need are 2 pieces of tape and your favorite eyeliner in the color you want.



Start with all your eyeshadow look already done (here we were working with a very light shimmery champagne shade and a matte brown on the crease for a soft definition).


Step 1: b2ap3_thumbnail_step1.jpg

Glue a piece of tape from the corner of your eye to the end of your eyebrow. You can always change the placement of the tape, but doing this one will give you a flattering thick line.


Step 2: b2ap3_thumbnail_step2.jpg

Glue a second piece of tape all the way from the inside of your lid to the end of your eyebrow. As you can see the tapes meet at the brow, creating the perfect tip for your cat eye. This is super important. The liner will only work if your tapes are meeting at the end.


Step 3: 


Fill in the space on your lid with your eyeliner. As you can see you don’t have to be very neat – any mistakes, or extra liner that gets on the tape will be peeled anyway. Make sure to get very close to your lashes as well as coat the very inside of your lid for a flawless look.



Peel the tapes from the inside of your lid towards your brow (no need to wait for it to settle) and voila! A perfect, thick cat eye look!


Let us know if you try this, and if you have any other tricks to make our lives easier, we’d love to hear!


Enjoy your snow day, everyone!

Mistakes to Avoid When Wearing Makeup with Glasses

Hi, everyone!

At this point, it should be no news to anybody how obsessed we are with Pinterest. You should check our boards, we are updating constantly!

While browsing it today, we came in contact with this really interesting article posted at Beauty High site. We have, in the past, touched base with how to apply makeup when wearing glasses, but finding out what NOT to do caught our interest.


Click on the image to go to their tutorial, but be sure to check back at the end of this post after you’ve read it! We do have a small note to make regarding one of the mistakes they’ve listed!




Aside from the rest, the suggestion that you should wear anything besides a yellow concealer can be confusing.

Your concealer shade depends on what kind of skin issues you are working with.

If you’re trying to fight those dark circles, we definitely reach for the pink/salmon concealers to cancel out the purple tones.

If you’re dealing with severe dark circles, then the yellow would be great at fighting that blue-ish tint.

Green concealer works wonders on any red spots you may have. Once you’ve neutralized the red with the green concealer, just go over the area with your normal color foundation for a perfect blend.


We hope the tips helped, and we hope you feel more confident when doing your makeup if you are a glasses wearer! Let us know if there are any other tips you know that work wonders, and be sure to check back tomorrow for a trick on how to do a perfect cat eye!