How to keep Red from Fading

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One of the biggest changes on your hair routine comes when you decide to switch to a brighter color. Our clients notice a faster fading, and higher maintenance, especially with reds.

There are tons of tips useful for those brighter colors. The most important one we found is to invest in a great shampoo. You wouldn’t believe that difference it makes. If your shampoo has detergents, they will strip your color right off- and all that time and money will literally go down the drain. Our Eufora line has no detergent in its formula, making it ideal to lock your color.

Also, as much as some people consider this to be a myth, we stand by it. Use cold water! Hot water tends to pull  more color, since it opens the cuticles. By washing your hair with colder water, the cuticles will be shut, helping the color to stay longer.

There is also a really nice product by J. Beverly Hills called Fashion Colour. It’s a direct dye that should be applied directly onto the hair for about 25-30 minutes. Our clients love to use it in between their color appointments. It definitely takes their color to the next level by brightening the original color.



The Beauty Department  just came out with 10 best ways to keep your color vibrant. While we believe it’s more important to invest in a good shampoo, they opt for a conditioner. Keep in mind that there are tons of different tips, and they all help. So be sure to check it out and pick the ones that you can incorporate into your routine!



photo by Kristin Ess, via Beauty Department



Makeup Tips for Mature Skin

We’ve had a great number of clients who have approached us about makeup tips for mature skin. We all know how skin changes with age, and how we have to adapt our routine to always highlight the best of our features.

Today we are bringing you with a few tips on how to highlight the best of your features, without bringing too much attention to any problem areas ( be it wrinkles, dark spots, etc) you might have.


1. Hydration is Key

– Our skin tends to lose the ability to produce natural oils with time. So you definitely want to start your routine by applying moisturizer, or a hydrating primer such as Smooth Affair, from Jane Iredale. It prepares the skin for makeup, while adding moisture back to your skin.


2. Less is More

– One makeup mistake we see very often is “caked on” looks. We know mature skin can suffer from dark spots and under eye darkness, but keep in mind that the more you cake on products, the more attention that spot will get. Opt for starting with just a little product for your overall foundation, and for a light concealer.


3. Stay away from Thick products

– If you suffer from under eye bags, or fine lines, you should always opt for a light formula concealer. Thick formulas tend to accentuate the area, and can set into those fine lines. It’ll be the only thing you can see, even if the concealer covers your darkness.

We tend to opt for a light foundation (be it liquid or powder – more on that later), and then, only then, do we reach for a concealer. You’ll be surprised by just how much a foundation can cover. Apply a light layer of concealer where you deem necessary. We know Jane has tons of concealer options, but we absolutely love the Active Lights for sheer to medium coverage, and for those suffering from heavy hyperpigmentation or rosacea we love using Enlighten – a heavier formula that won’t cake.


4. Go for the Flush

– Nothing screams healthy skin more than a nice flush on your cheeks. So reach for that blush! Cream or powder, as long as you apply it correctly it will sit beautifully on the skin without settling on your fine lines.


5. Don’t forget the Brows

– As we age, our brows tend to get thinner, and lighter. Doing your brows should be an essential step on your routine, and it’ll not only bring your eyes to attention, but it’ll frame your face beautifully. We recommend the Pure Brow gel for starters, they are easy to apply and deliver just the right amount of coverage. We don’t believe in overdoing them either – make sure they look natural, not identical. Follow the right lines.

If you have any gaps, fill them in, lightly, with either pencil or powder, then proceed to apply the gel to set them.


6. Favor liquids

– If you’re using a primer, chances are  you’ll be fine applying a powder without it accentuating any fine lines. Jane powders are very fine, and should be applied lightly. You can always add more layers, but if you use too much product you will not love your skin.

Our more mature clients tend to favor the Liquid Minerals foundation. It’s packed with antioxidants that will help maintain the health of your skin, and deliver great coverage.



So, there you go. If you have any tips please share on the comment bellow!

Caring for Biracial Hair

Many mothers encounter a challenge when caring for bi-racial children’s hair. The main challenge is often the frizz, and the fact that the hair seems to be dull and dry. When adopting, or caring for a child whose hair type is different than yours, many parents are at a loss at what to do to care for their children.

No two hair types are the same, but the tips we are giving you can generally be applied to most cases. The most important thing to remember is that maybe not all will work with your child, and that your child’s hair can adapt better to one tip than another.

The one thing to keep in mind when dealing with Bi-Racial children’s hair is: it can be kinky/curly/frizzy, but it’s usually different from an African-American only hair. It may have the same look, but a child’s hair is a lot more delicate, and you should not, in any case, use powerful products to straighten or relax their hair.


1. Get to know your child’s hair

That “dull” look that many first timers see on biracial hair is common. The kinky texture of the hair prevents the hair follicles from sitting flat, so not much light is reflected on curly hair in general. Also, a lot of parents fight to pull all the hair in a tight ponytail or braid for lack of knowing what to do with it.

Find out how the hair grows, in which way the strands tend to grow, and try as best as you can to follow it. If you do do a ponytail on one day, go for a style that will keep their hair down on the next. This prevents the hair from being constantly pulled on the same direction, and it will avoid pulled hairs along the hairline.


2. Kinky hair needs natural oils

If you’re not used to biracial hair, you may think you need to constantly wash it so you can give it more shine. In reality, curly/kinky hair is so dry it thrives with natural oils. So just because you need to wash your hair everyday, it does not mean your child needs it too. It is actually recommended to try and wash it once a week only. You can do rinses in between the washes, but do not use shampoo, and be sure to follow up with a leave-in conditioner, to add back the moisture.


3. Rules on brushing

All curly hairs should not be brushed after dry. It disturbs the curl pattern and turns your hair to a frizz fest. If you have to, spritz some leave-in conditioner on your hands and lightly run them through your hair. Also, invest in a good brush – trust us, it’s a game changer. Generally curly hair should be brushed in the shower, with conditioner on, but you can opt to brush it right afterwards, with the hair still wet adding leave-in conditioner. Use either a wide toothed comb, or invest in a detangler brush, such as Knot Genius.


Detangler brushes can be used on wet hair, and won’t pull out hair as normal brushes will. Their bristles are designed to glide through the hair, avoiding breakage.


4. Shampoo carefully

It’s super important to use a good shampoo when washing your child’s hair. Invest in a good moisturizing shampoo, and if your child is still and infant find formulas that won’t cause tears. Make sure all your products are free of silicon and parabens – those can be extremely harmful. Be gentle when shampooing to avoid too many tangles, but make sure you can reach the scalp to thoroughly cleanse it.

Depending on just how kinky your child’s hair is, you may even find that a Cleansing Cream works better than a regular moisturizing shampoo. What are cleansing creams, you ask? Exactly what the name implies: it’s a conditioner that delivers the same cleansing property as a shampoo, but without stripping any moisture from the strands.


This one from Eufora has a non-lathering formula, that delivers maximum hydration for extra dry, frizzy, unruly hair.


5. Pat dry, avoid heat styling

Bi-racial hair thrives best when left to its own devices. So when you leave the shower, don’t rub your child’s hair dry. Pat it dry and allow it to air dry as much as possible. We really recommend skipping any heat tools on children – there’s no need for the stress of that on the strands – but if you absolutely need to use it, make sure


6. Styling products are your friend

Your styling products have to focus on moisture. And we advise you to add some sort of cream to help with controlling the frizz and maintaining the shape of the curl. Eufora came out with the Curl’n line, with products that will replenish the moisture, as well as hydrate the strand and enhance your curl.

If there is one styling product from the line you should have for your child, we recommend the Curl’n’Forming Cream.


This cream helps you to create, define and shape curls. It leaves the hair soft and touchable, adds shine, and is made with an anti-frizz formula that gives ultimate frizz protection. You should also do a deep conditioning treatment starting once a week at least. This line also has a Nourishing Treatment that should be applied on cleansed hair and left for up to 10 minutes. Rinse it while in the shower.


This treatment nourishes the dry curls and waves, while strengthening it. It protects curls against damage from heat styling, and controls frizz.


These steps should work for all kinky/curly hair children. If you’re the one dealing with the kinky hair, there are a ton more information about styles, how to wear your hair to bed, oil treatments, etc that we feel may be too much for children. Then again, you may want to try if you think these steps we listed just aren’t enough. The most well-rounded site on this is Treasured Locks.




Summer Must Have

Summer is in full swing, and we know most of you are still out soaking up every possible day with dips in pools, swims at the beach and getting some sunshine and tan.

With all that sun exposure, chlorine and salt water, your hair is, most likely feeling the effects of summer. The most common complain we’ve been hearing is how their hair is dull, brittle and dry. We know how much of a toll your hair can take in just a couple of months, so we are here today to talk about your Summer Must Have if you are a fellow pool, beach and sun lover.


the Urgent Repair Shampoo.


If there’s one product to invest on, it’s definitely this shampoo. It’s a weekly clarifying and restorative treatment shampoo, that provides healthy hair and scalp benefits. It’s a gentle, non-drying formula that thoroughly removes dulling and damaging build ups caused by metals, chemicals, minerals and environmental pollutants while improving the health of the hair and scalp.

Everyone can actually benefit from this shampoo. If you use a lot of styling or finishing products, if you’re a swimmer, if you’re a beach goer; this shampoo is for you. It detoxifies the hair follicle and scalp leaving behind nourished, healthy hair.

The formula is gentle and low-Ph, so even people with product sensitivities can use it. And it’s first ingredient is Certified Organic Aloe, to impart soothing and healing benefits to hair and scalp. It also is Antioxidant rich, containing a derivative of Litchu Berry, which neutralizes free radicals and photo damage. Thermal Protective benefits aid in eliminating damage caused by UVA, UVB rays and heat styling.

All this is to say that this product should be everyone’s summer staple. If your hair is extremely damaged (be it the sun, or heavy highlighting, or chlorine) you should even go a step further and look into the Urgent Repair Treatment.



It’s a heavy duty conditioning treatment, packed with restructuring proteins that strengthens and restores vibrancy to dry, damaged and color treated hair.

 Our heavily highlighted clients love this treatment and so do we. It’s the perfect nourishing boost that your strands need after all the heat, salt and chlorine, as well as any big color treatments.


What do you do to care for your hair during summer?




Mascara tricks for sensitive eyes

Some people are more sensitive to products than others – after all, no two skins are made the same. We’ve recently had clients with very sensitive eyes complain that they can never find a mascara that won’t make their eyes water and redden.

Granted, we do advise that you read carefully all the ingredients in your mascara. Most mascaras in the market, drugstores and brand-names alike, are packed with chemicals. No one can be sure of the long-term effects of putting those chemicals on your skin, but short-term effects include irritation, redness and watery eyes.

Not everyone will have trouble with mascaras. As I said every skin is different. But we would recommend for you to find a mascara that has the least amount of chemicals. We are, as you all know, advocates of Jane Iredale: the brand’s mascaras have no shellac, no petroleum products and no coltar. Perfect for sensitive eyes.

Besides finding the brand that works for you, here are a few points to be mindful of:


– Layer the mascara:

Don’t overload the mascara wand. Sometimes that leads to product bumping on your eyes – which can lead to irritation. Work with small quantities – it will also be 10 times easier to control the application.


– Don’t coat the eyelash all the way to the root:

To avoid hitting your eyes, stick to applying the mascara from the middle up – you’ll have the same effect of fuller lashes, and you can always darken the roots with a dark kohl pencil.


– Don’t use waterproof mascaras everyday:

Waterproof mascaras are tougher to remove, that’s their whole deal. If your eyes are sensitive, the last thing you need is to be tugging and pulling at your lashes to remove all of that mascara every night. Leave the waterproof mascara for those emotional evenings, and opt for a normal formula for daily use. Some brands even make water resistant mascaras – that won’t smear as easily, but won’t need all that work to be removed.


– Avoid the bottom lashes:

99% of people have more trouble reaching the bottom lashes. It’s not unusual that some of the wand will end up in your eye. It’s painful, it irritates, and your eye waters so much that it takes a miracle for your makeup not to smudge. There are ways to make the eye stand out without touching those little guys. Just focus on a nice coat on top and add a brightening hue to your inner rim. You can always dust a darker color over the lashes for a sharper look.


– Optional: Use a lash conditioner

If you want to go a step further, invest on a lash conditioner. They will, as the name says, condition your lashes, making them stronger and more beautiful. It’s a known fact that mascaras dry out your lashes, specially waterproof formulas. So if you want to maintain the health of your eyelashes, we definitely recommend adding this product to your routine. You can use it as a primer, before your  mascara, or incorporate it to your skin care routine at night, just coating your lashes with it and going to sleep.


Do you have any other recommendations? Tips? Let us know!

iS Clinical Foaming Enzyme Treatment

Happy Thursday, everyone!


Summer is here, and things have been crazy busy at the salon. We have new products, new services, Eufora came out with their newest line, and we added more facials to our menu!

One of them is the Foaming Enzyme Treatment Facial!

The Foaming Enzyme treatment is based on iS Clinical beloved FiSzz Facial, and has the same effervescent properties to smooth, brighten and purify your skin. It delivers immediate and long lasting results, and the treatment is about 45 minutes long.


iS Clinical is known for their 4-step skin care products: Cleanse, Treat, Hydrate & Protect. This system is used in all aspects of skin maintenance, including their facials. Last week we had the pleasure of receiving Thomas Yvanauskas, our skin care specialist in the salon. He demonstrated iS Clinical’s Foaming Enzyme Treatment Facial.

The Facial starts by thoroughly cleansing your face with their Cleansing Complex, – a great source of salicylic acid. Next, we treat the skin with a masque – applied and massaged onto the skin. The type of masque varies depending on what concerns the guest expresses. Some are looking for a firming masque, whereas others want a calming masque to aid them with their skin condition.

The next step is the Foaming Enzyme Treatment, which works wonders on resurfacing your skin, breaking through dead skin cells and making way for beautiful, smooth, radiant looking skin.

It’s always important to moisturize and protect your skin from the harmful UVA/UVB rays, so the Facial ends with a nice layering of Reparative Moisturizer and Sunscreen.

Immediately after the facial we could see great skin improvement. It was brighter, smoother, and with a lot more hydration and plumpness. It is always recommended that you follow up by using great products on your daily skin care routine.


Stay tuned for great facial deals on our salon, and call us anytime to make your appointment!



Frizz-Free Hair

Following up on our last post, we talking about ways to minimize frizz.


A lot of clients have the belief that frizz is only noticeable on curly hair. That’s not entirely true. Curly hair, by nature, is drier, so curly hair actually takes moisture from the air to get hydrated. But even your straight haired gals have it too – especially if your hair is fine, frizz probably isn’t an uncommon visitor.


There are lots of products and treatments in the market that promise to get rid of frizz. Some of them truly do help, and some will just cake on products and weight your hair down. There are definitely a few tips that you can do at home to prevent frizz:


– Sleep on a silk pillowcase. Yup, that is not just fiction. Silk will make your hair glide on it during the night, whereas cotton tends to be rougher, and your strands get caught on it. You’ll wake up with a tamer head of hair just by switching your pillowcase.


– Ditch the towel. And no Turban Style Wrap! Yes, it’s true. Ditch your towel for either a microfiber towel, or even a cotton t-shirt. Also, instead of vigorously drying it, pat your hair dry. This won’t disturb the strands, and won’t stimulate frizz. Specially with curly hair you want to maintain the natural shape of your curl, so patting – not rubbing – will do the trick.


Moisture, Moisture! We said it briefly, but your hair, if dry, will end up sucking moisture from the air. So inevitably, you’ll be left with a ton of frizz if you’re not hydrating your strands enough. For curly hair gals, you should definitely invest on a line designed for your curly strands. They deliver the most moisture and repair the most damage.

We definitely recommend Eufora’s Curl’n line, with Certified Organic Aloe, tomato fruit ferment extract, Abyssinian oil, moringa oil and Stearoyl Co-Desaturate (an enzyme) that work together to improve elasticity, hydrate the strands, and control frizz. If your hair isn’t curly, you can go for any hydrating/ smoothing line. Again, Eufora came out with the Smooth’n line, with natural oils (moringa, Abyssinian, safflower and olive oil), Shea butter, certified aloe Vera, soybean, marshmallow roots extract and soy protein that together soften the strands, deliver moisture, enhance shine and most importantly, nourish the outer layer of the cuticle, decreasing the frizz.


You may ask: I do it all. I use good products, oils, masks, and nothing works. There’s hope! There are, as we mentioned, treatments that will help with smoothing your hair.


Keratin Treatment: This smoothing system infuses Keratin deep into the hair cuticle, eliminating up to ninety-five percent of frizz and curl and leaving the hair smooth, shiny and luxurious. Results typically last 3 to 5 months depending on hair type.

Cezanne Perfect Finish: if you’re all about avoiding chemicals, this is the treatment to look for. It is glycolic based, containing zero formaldehyde. There are no fumes, and it’s safe for both the stylist and yourself. Your hair will improve with each new application, to become smooth, sleek, shiny, and resistant to frizz and breakage. Results usually last 3 – 4 months, depending on the hair type. An added perk: you can wash it within 24hs of the treatment!


Do you have any more tips? Leave them bellow or comment on our facebook/twitter page!

How to make your Makeup Last

Come Summer, our skin changes. The heat tends to make most of us oily, and our biggest concern is that our makeup will stay put. ( And our hair staying frizz-free,but that is a post for a different time)

In our years of doing hair + makeup for events, we know a few key points to make sure your makeup will last throughout the day, and throughout your event.


– Prep the skin

We are true believers of Absence Oil Control Primer. It’s perfect for creating a barrier between the skin and the makeup, and not only will it prime it, but it will create a barrier to absorb your skin oiliness throughout the day. If you have dry skin, even during summers, or even a combination, you can certainly use a different primer, like Smooth Affair. This will ensure that your skin is hydrated, and ready for the makeup.


– Facial Spritz

Jane Iredale currently provides three different Facial Spritz: Pommist (geared towards rosacea skin), D2O ( for your  sensitive / dry skin) and Balance ( for your oily skin, with green tea extract). For better results, spritz before everything, and then once all your powder products have been applied. Applying it on top of powders will make them set with a more natural finish.


– Oil Blotting Papers

No matter what you do sometimes, your skin can get shiny. You don’t have to get more powder to make it matte. Next time, try using some sort of Oil Blotting Sheet, just blot it lightly on your face, and it will absorb the oils and leave your makeup on your face.


– Use Powders

We highly recommend using powders instead of liquid during the summer, for added lasting power. Jane Iredale’s powders also have SPF, so they double as your sunscreen as well!



Also, this is a big reminder. We mean BIG. Do you know what kind of chemicals you’re putting on your face and body? Do you read ingredient lists at all? Do you check the safety of your cosmetics? If you answered no to any of these question we highly recommend you to do so.

We are all about making sure that our clients get the best products. So next time you run out of your blush, or eyeshadow, or even foundation,I would take a peek at the website EWG ( Environmental Working group) and see how safe your product is.

That’s why we only carry Jane Iredale with us. We encourage you to check them on the website, and see for yourself the quality of ingredients.

This video we found on today is living proof of why it’s so important to be educated about your cosmetics and products in general.


Weekly Roundup

Hi, everyone!


Today we are back with a quick round up of some great tutorials out there.


1. 25 Ways to Up your Ponytail

This article has styles for every ponytail lover. From quick and messy, to braided and preppy, there is something here for everyone.


2. Ponytails for Curly Hair

We wouldn’t leave our curly gals without rounding up styles that would work with their natural texture as well. A quick help to tame flyaways is to spray some hairspray on your hands (we are particularly fond of the Eufora Elevate Finishing Spray) and going over the top of your head. This prevents excessive product from being used, while calming down frizz and securing the style.


3. 18 Stunning Wedding Makeup Looks

This is a very complete style guide, for brides with all sorts of makeup styles. From natural and airy to smoky and bold, brides can refer back to these ideas for their look. Remember, just because you are a natural makeup wearer on a daily basis, doesn’t mean you can’t take this opportunity to go to town with your makeup. It’s about what will make you feel more beautiful on your special day.


Are you going to try any of these tutorials? If you do, please let us know by tagging us on facebook or tweeting us @brushstrokesva


Herndon Festival 2014

Hi, everyone!

This week is the Herndon Festival! It started yesterday, and it goes through Sunday. If you are planning on coming to the salon, just remember tomorrow (Saturday 5/31) Pine Street will be closed, so prepare to have someone drop you off, or walk, or find a parking space in one of the open parking areas (besides the parking shop across Monroe. Towing is enforced if you park there but don’t go to their stores).


On a brighter side this year Brush Strokes is actually participating in the event! So find us at Pine Street with Station in a booth! We will be doing hair chalk for kids, some fun braiding, and providing SPF coverage by Jane Iredale to all of those interested.


We will be there from 9-6, so if you are in the area stop by and say hello! We have little appreciation gifts as well! It’s the perfect time to have a friend stop by and meet our stylists.


Also, we found this super cute hairstyle on Pinterest, created by MissySue. We thought it’d be perfect for this season, as well for the Herndon Festival. You can use this time to add some fun colors or pattern with a headband. This can totally be done in shorter hair as well! Click on the image to go to the full tutorial!