The Art of the Pull Apart

We see it everywhere. Beautiful braids, gorgeous, big braids, and when we try to recreate it, they are tiny and lack the dimension of the tutorial.

Well, a really amazing blogger/youtuber Kayley Melissa just handed us the secrets to getting the perfect pull apart braid. She does use different brands than we have available at the salon, but you can achieve the results by using Eufora’s products as well.

Let us know on the comments bellow if you need any recommendations, and don’t forget to check out Kayley’s blog for the full tutorial on this look!


Thanksgiving Special!

Hi everyone!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and to celebrate it we are offering 10% off of all Eufora products on their old packaging!


Eufora just went through this amazing re-branding, and all packaging is now new! We still currently hold some products with the old packaging, and it’s your chance to score some deals! All products are now being offered in smaller sizes. So it’s the last chance for you to get styling products, shampoos and conditioner on their 10oz and 25oz packages.

Also, some of the refills offered have changed – such as your Styling Glaze and Fortify. So it’s your chance to get them at the same price as a refill!

So stop by, from today November 19th until next Wednesday November 26th and get your hands on those discounted items! Limited offer until supplies last.


Here’s an idea of the deals you can score: Beautifying Serum, Styling glaze, tons of styling products, shampoos and conditioners!


How to wear 3 shades of blush

Hi, everyone!


If you’re like us, you read the title and went ” 3 shades?!” Well, we sometimes do that too, when we are doing someone’s makeup in the shop. I know, it seems strange to add so many colors, but did you know you can achieve you contour, highlight and pop with blushes only?


Take a look at The Beauty Department’s post to know all about which shades to go for!


Easy Steps for a Smoky Eye Look

Many of us love the look of smoky eyes. It’s sultry, mysterious, and can add drama to your look. We also love how playful it can be – all you need is to switch your black colors to browns, taupes, or even shades of gold.

So of course we were thrilled to find an easy step by step on how to achieve the perfect look at The Untrendy Girl. We really encourage you to check out their website – they have tons of ideas and beauty advice! Also, check out their original post here!



How to apply Mascara

A lot of clients come to us wondering about mascara application. A lot of times they complain of clumping eyelashes that look spidery and not flattering.

So we decided to put together a few tips that can help you achieve those natural, but long and thick lashes!



1. Thoroughly cleanse your face

Clumps can happen when there’s product buildup on the lashes. If you’re not completely taking your makeup off the night before, chances are as soon as you apply your mascara, your lashes will clump on the leftover mascara.

Use a great makeup remover at night, moisturize, and make sure your lashes are clean.


2. Your mascara is expired

If you’ve always loved the formula, but all of a sudden your mascara is clumping on you, chances are it’s expired. When was the last time you got a new tube? The common idea is that after 4 months you should toss your tube to avoid bacteria buildup, but depending on how often you use it, and how you’re handling your mascara tube, you can go a little longer than that (after all, no one wants to spend a lot of money and have to toss the product when it’s half full!)


3. You are using the wrong formula

Some formulas will naturally add clumps to your lashes. If the formula naturally adds a lot of thickness, it can lead to clumping. Some products focus on length instead of thickness, so they will not clump as easily. Look for what you want, but make sure you are applying it correctly too! Which brings us to the next tip..


4. Your technique is wrong

We all love the flair that mascara gives us. The fake lash effect. To achieve that, we naturally feel like we have to pile on all this product on our lashes. Well, this may be the culprit!

When you apply your mascara, make sure to wiggle the brush back and forth on your lash from bottom to top. Apply one thin coat and let it dry all the way. Wait 5-7 minutes and apply a second coat, again, wiggling the wand back and forth to evenly coat all your lashes.


5. Less is more

You don’t need to overdo it on your product. Make sure to clean the excess mascara from your wand before adding it to your lashes. If there’s a lot of product, your lashes will naturally clump under all the excess mascara. But wait, there are ways to fix that too!

Start off by taking the excess mascara off on the tube. It’s always easier to add more than to take off. But in case you clumped your lashes with too much product you can: use a lash brush to comb through and take some of it off, or thoroughly clean your mascara wand, making sure there’s no more product in it, and go over your lashes taking the excess off.


And that’s it! Do you have any tips to share with us?


We are new partners at Spa Noa!

Hi everybody! It’s such an exciting day for us!

As of last Friday, Mary is a partner at Spa Noa!

For those of you who don’t know about it, let us introduce it to you!

Spa Noa has been in the spa business for over 10 years, and has provided the Reston community with outstanding skin and body therapies in an environment of unmatched comfort, care and luxury.



The Spa is now under new management: Mary Taylor and Lucy Silva are now the proud partners/owners of Spa Noa!


Lucy Silva is the master aesthetician at Spa Noa, and her name is very common amongst clients – she’s an amazing professional and she’s always after giving her clients top notch spa services. She’s been in the business for over 20 years, and has been at Spa Noa for over 10 years. She knows the ins and outs of the product lines, services and techniques.

Mary Taylor, as we all know, is the owner and head stylist at Brush Strokes Salon. Brush Strokes has been in business for over 16 years, on the same location. Mary herself has been in the business for over 40 years.

Mary will be reinventing the hair salon – bringing on fresh, dynamic new talents into the team; while still operating out of Brush Strokes. We are also revamping Spa Noa’s hair department, bringing over our beloved Eufora and Tocco Magico lines for products and color.

We are excited about this new partnership – it looks to be very promising. If you don’t know about Spa Noa, please check their website! We can’t wait to share the improved services, quality of work and customer service with you!

To celebrate this step, we want to thank the people that made it possible: YOU!

To celebrate you we are offering all our loyal Brush Strokes customers 20% off of their first spa service at Spa Noa. We hope you come to love that spa as much as you love our salon! Thank you for your unwavering support!

To redeem the discount, just mention the blog post and that you are one of our customers! It’s that easy! We hope to see you there too! For a list of complete spa services please refer back to their website!


Education, education, education

We take education in the salon very seriously. And so should you!

It is super important for your stylist to get continuous education throughout her professional life. Some clients wonder why – considering the lines in the salon haven’t switched, and no new products added.

Well, we figured we’d take the time to fully explain why education is the core of Brush Strokes.


1. Formulas are constantly evolving

Lines may remain the same, but products are constantly being reformulated to work even better for you and your hair. Just look back at a few years ago, when straightening was the main option. There were so many harsh chemicals involved in it! New, more effective and safe products have come out, and with it, a new set of techniques, formulas and upkeep. It’s important for the stylist to be knowledgeable about all of them to better explain that to his/her guest.


2. New techniques are always being discovered

Yes, doing what was done 30 years ago to get curls achieved the desired results, but there are plenty of different techniques around. Different ways to cut, different ways to style, color, etc. It’s important to experience what is out there – if not for your own growth, do it for your guest. His/her hair type, maintenance at home, lifestyle may influence which technique you should use to achieve the results they want.


3. Your guest knows more than you think

Guests today have access to a lot more information then before. And trust us, when we say there is a lot of misinformation floating around. It’s easy for a guest to think they know what’s best, but it’s your responsibility to have the knowledge to point them in the right direction. This is not one of these ” fake it ’till you make it” situations. Your guest will know if you are not certain of the technique they are talking about. If you don’t know it, make it your goal to research it. There’s no such think as too much knowledge in the hair industry.


4. You may be working for over 30 years, but you don’t know it all

In this industry you have to be proud of the work you do in your guests. You are responsible for a very sensitive and important part of their lives: their image. But at the same time you have to be humble enough to know other professionals may know a thing or two better than you.

Tame time to go to classes, talk to other stylists, appreciate their work. Trust in your reps and ask questions. Bring them into the salon and introduce products to any new stylists. You won’t believe how much they yearn for education. To know the ins and outs of the brands you love and carry in your salon – and to share them with your guests.




Just now we are having a thorough education class with our beloved rep Sandy, from Beautyscope. She is telling us all about the Eufora lines. What works best for each hair, what products to recommend for what guests. This is priceless.

So if we could give you one advice to follow when looking for a hair stylist it is: find one that is always keeping up with the industry. Chances are, you’ll be pointed out in the best direction for your cut, color, and any specific concern.



Fall Trends 2014

So, Fall is officially here! With it, the bold hues of orange, red, browns are taking over the beauty world, from Nail polish trends to bold eyeshadow looks.

What’s the up and coming hair trend of Fall? Say hello, to the “French Brown”. Following the changes in tones, this season is all about bold, rich browns. Models such as Suki Waterhouse have already adopted the darker hue.

Check here to see which brown hues made it into this Fall’s trends!

Short Bridal Hairstyles

Fall is approaching fast, and with that, all the beautiful Fall weddings.

Some of our Fall brides have touched base with us about ways of styling short hair for the ceremony. It’s not uncommon to hear a bride saying she’s growing her hair out for the wedding. Many believe there are not many options out there for short haired brides.

We think the opposite. As much as a very intricate hairstyle wows, short hair gives accessories a chance to shine. So we put together some images that are blowing us away for our Fall brides!



For our brides going for a sweeter look, there’s nothing more beautiful than a half updo adorned with a soft flower and chiffon/tulle.

It pairs greatly with a softer, sweeter gown.



Birdcage veils are perfect for shorter do’s. It frames the face beautifully and also lets your hairstyle be the center of attention. Just as the picture, a bold statement earring brings the right amount of drama to the look.



There are few things more chic than big, bouncy curls. It’s very glamorous and adds a flair to your look. Paired with a smoky eye look (whether in soft brown hues or deep blacks), it oozes black tie event.



If your hair is short, but with some length to it, this would be a perfect updo. The shorter pieces are perfect for framing your face, while the rest is pulled back in a messy bun. Add a small hairpiece to bring some attention to the intricacy of the do.



For short asymmetrical bobs, headbands are your best friend. Specially for brides who don’t want to incorporate a veil to the look, you can add a big adorned headband and subtle earrings for a chic, soft and even vintage look.



For the 20’s lover, there’s nothing more chic than a bejewel headband with curly locks. It’s the perfect pairing to a glitzy gown to complement the headband and hairdo.



A twisted updo is perfect to wear with short hairstyles. It can create the illusion of longer and fuller hair. Just like the picture, we love pairing this updo with a softer headpiece and we cannot get over this feathery beauty.



Very short pixie cuts are more challenging to add a headpiece to. Sometimes the hair isn’t longer enough to hold it in place, or to add a nice curl to. This is the best hairstyle to add a headband to. You can go as busy or as subtle as you’d like. We love that this one looks like it has a little bit of a birdcage feel to it.



The image says it all. This over the top, almost fantasy like headpiece is just perfect for shorter do’s. It’s definitely a statement piece, so we advise you to keep your gown and jewelry to a minimum. We love how soft the headpiece looks and how it pairs perfectly with a more dramatic eye look.




The last idea we have is for the brides who want to wear long veils. A simple, thin headband (whether only fabric or bejeweled) is the perfect complement to a long, soft veil. For this look, a dramatic makeup like the one the bride has works wonderfully but you can also wear it with softer tones for a daytime wedding. We think it would look ethereal.



So this is it for our round up of gorgeous hairstyles for our ladies with shorter hair. Don’t think, for a minute, that you can’t look as glamorous on your day, or that you have to grow your hair to be able to walk down that isle. There are tons that we can do with your hair!

Do you ave any questions on any looks? Or in general about bridal hairdos? Just leave them on our comment or facebook page.



City Nights Collection

Jane Iredale did it again. We absolutely love the new Fall 2014 collection that they just came out with. It’s already a huge success with our clients, so we wanted to share it with all of you.

Naturally, this collection was inspired by the rich autumn colors. There’s no shortage of boldness in the City Nights. A beautiful plum/brown lip color with a rich eyeshadow palette! And the new Jelly Jars colors are fabulous.



To bring out the bold hues of the season we have an olive green eyeliner, perfect for hazel, green and blue eyes. For browns and deep browns there’s a purple eyeliner. Jelly Jars are soft and creamy, and glide on smoothly. It can be used either as a defined line, or you can smudge it right after applying. They are long lasting and super pigmented.




A key change you can notice with this trio is that the shades are sized to fit the recommended application. A bigger pan for the base shade and smaller shades for the crease and outer v shades. The compact is a beautiful rose gold, with a mirror and a sponge tip applicator. For best shade application, pat/press the eyeshadow on the lids, and blend the edges.



The base shade is a beautiful Matte beige eyeshadow called Mist. The other two shadows are sparkly, in tones of gold and plum – with a hint of warm brown. A perfect reminder of the changed leaves on this season.


For the bold lips, there are two new products.

Katerina Puremoist lipstick is a rich plum color. It’s made with orange peel wax, avocado and sunflower seed oils – that deeply moisturize and nourish the delicate skin of your lips. It’s packed with antioxidants such as organic Pomegranate and Blackberry fruit extract.




To top it of is the new PureGloss lipgloss in Kir Royale (how fun is the name?) It’s a beautiful mauve color, with a little more hint of purple. It has a luxurious formula, feels ultra creamy on the lips and delivers a sheer tint of color.

It is also formulated with a base of organic oils like Moringa, Lotus flower wax extract and Orange peel wax. It is remarkably long lasting and free of petroleum-based ingredients.




Stay tuned for a tutorial coming out with this collection. And as always, all products can be found at the salon. Also, keep your eyes open because we are soon announcing a fun Jane Iredale Day at the salon! For now, here’s a video made by wonderful Jane Iredale MUA as a tutorial on how to use the products of the collection in two different looks!