Jane Iredale’s discontinuing products

Effective in December, Jane Iredale will be making the transition to PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation Refills and and their NEW empty rose gold Refillable PurePressed compact only. Eliminating pre-filled PurePressed compacts entirely.

This choice is incredibly wise and eco-friendly which we here at Brush Strokes stand behind. This is an exciting new step for Jane Iredale and we hope that you share their excitement.

If you have any questions or concerns you may contact to us at any time. We will be happy to assist you with finding your correct PurePressed color.


Jane Iredale’s newest looks

Jane Iredale releases new products and colors every season to keep up with the latest trends. Their new fall line looks fabulous!

Check out their newest and hottest makeup tip and tricks. Jane Iredale has perfected the 5 minute face – who doesn’t love that?! Check out their youtube channel for more fun and flirty makeup videos.

We have all the new products in stock! Come get those beautifully pigmented eye shadows or the new, fun and playful lip crayons before they’re gone!


Home Remedies

Hair masques are a huge part of your beauty routine. (If it isn’t, you need to add it to your list of priorities!) Shampoos and conditioners are great and help your hair in so many ways but they will never compare to the greatness that an amazing masque can do for you hair. A hair masque typically contains more potent nourishing components that penetrate your hair even deeper than a conditioner can.

There are so many masques on the shelves, it’s hard to determine what is best for your hair and what you will like. Ready-made masques are most defiantly the easiest way to go but they can get a little pricey depending on the product. I have many masques on my list that are absolutely amazing, including Eufora’s Beautifying Elixirs Moisture Masque. It contains Eufora’s Damage Control Complex, which is an ultra rich treatment that restores the hair.

When your looking to save money, there are some common household items that can turn your hair from drab to fab in 20 minutes! You can combine items to create a do-all type masque or create more unique treatments for one condition.

Eggs Whites & Egg Yolks. Amazingly, eggs are one of the best home remedies for all hair types. Eggs are full of great vitamins that protect your hair from heat and the environment. There have been studies that also show that using an egg hair masque will contribute to the prevention of hair loss or thinning. Eggs will make your hair more manageable, silkier, softer and less frizzy.

Honey. If you happen to have hair that suffers from sun damage, then honey is the best option for you. Honey has is a natural humectant and this means that moisture is drawn to it and it locks that moisture in.

Kefir. Many people may not know what kefir is, kefir is a product made from fermenting milk. Weird, right? Because it has a thicker consistency to it, it creates a perfect hair masque for anyone that has extremely bad breakage. It helps protect your hair from breaking off after any damage and prolonged usages helps protect your hair from furniture breakage.

Sour Cream & Plain Yogurt. When you spend a lot of time outside, you may not realize that the environment may be causes damage to you hair leaving it very dull. The sun is a big one! Those UV rays are not friends with your hair! Adding sour cream or plain yogurt to your masque will help strip away all the impurities and toxins from you hair.

Baking Soda. If your like me, then you love your hairspray and texturing spray. Those two products are the most amazing products that you can have in your collection! (I may be a little bias.) However, when you use a ton of products in your hair you can create buildup, which leaves your hair feeling grimy. Baking soda is a great way to clarify your hair. We recommend to clarify your hair at least once a month to keep your hair clean.

Cornstarch. Now, using cornstarch can be a little tricky because it can be very difficult. When its used properly, it also acts like a clarifying agent. It strips everything and anything in your hair. You may not want to use it very often because it can be abrasive. If you suffer from oily scalp, cornstarch is a great way to neutralize it.

Lemon Juice. There are so many uses for lemon juice! One use would be that it relieves an itchy scalp. When you use lemon juice, you want to make sure to pair with something a little thicker (like an egg!) to protect your “new” skin.

Beer. AAAAHHH! I know you’re thinking, WHAT! But its true, beer is a good addictive to your hair home remedies. Its great for limp or fine hair. It thickens and plumps up your hair strand giving you a voluminous look.

Tea Tree. Many professional products use tea tree in their products. It has many benefits and it’s usually prescribed for clients that suffer from dandruff or psoriasis. The mint helps calm an irritated scalp and clarify the toxins off your scalp. It’s also considered and antiseptic and its a great brush cleaner.

Avocado Oil. Did you know that when your hair is dry, it becomes a static mess? Avocado oil is perfect solution! It contains many moisturizing components to it and also has vitamin A, which also helps reduce dryness.

Castor Oil. Your probably thinking, really? Castor oil, no. But its true! Castor oil is great if you have a lot of dandruff and very dull hair. It soothes and smooths your hair.

Olive Oil. There are quite of bit of professional products that contain olive oil because its a great product that helps keep all those pesky split ends at bay. Now, it’s a myth that you can mend split ends back together but olive oil will help your from splitting more.

Flax Oil. Who likes their natural hair color, unless your white blonde? No one, that’s who! When you color your hair there will be some chemical damage to your hair because your opening up your hair cuticle. Flax oil would be an amazing additive to your treatment because it helps repair extremely damaged hair and chemical damages.



Are professional products and services really worth the cost?

Many of our clients ask us if there is a real difference between buying products, such as shampoos, conditioners and styling aids from a salon or buying them from the grocery store. Our answer is always yes, there is a huge difference!

Really getting to know your hair is the best way to determine what kind of products are best for you. You need to know the style that you desire and understand your hair texture. Not all products are meant for the same type of hair or the style.

When your buying quality products, they are going to cost more because the company is putting more money into the science and technology of the product as well as the ingredients that go into the products. Not saying that all ingredients in professional hair care products are the best or even good for you and your hair, however they are typically of a higher quality. I tell clients, you get what you pay for… Don’t buy a Ford and expect the same luxury that a Bentley will have.

You may have always heard that you shouldn’t buy professional products from a grocery store or a big box store because the product may be diluted or of low quality. That really isn’t the case anymore, more and more brands are trying to expand and sell their products in more stores. However, you should proceed with caution and double check with the company’s website to make sure that the retailer has rights to sell those products.

Can you perform your own color services in your home with color you purchased during your weekly grocery shopping trip. Of course you can but is it worth it? The box of color you just purchased may have only cost you about $10 but you could end paying hundreds of dollars trying to fix the damage that that color has caused your hair. When you use professional color and products, your more likely to achieve your desired look with less damage. After spending all that money on your color at the salon, you want your color to last and stay vibrant. To ensure the life of your freshly-colored hair, you want to make sure that you have color-safe products. You will truly notice a difference between products when you switch a quality products!

It is always important to do your research on any products that you might be interested in purchasing because you want to make an informed decision and you want to really understand what your putting on your hair and body.

This is an example of you hair with different kinds of shampoos after so many washes.


hair-DO or hair-DON’T? Uncovering Hair Myths. Pt. 2

Hair myths are the bane of our existence! There’s so many out there in the world, it becomes hard to keep up with all of them. We’re still trying to uncover the most popular hair myths that you hear about on a day to day basis.

6) You need to skip the conditioner if you have greasy hair.

No. Don’t blame your conditioner for your greasy scalp, you need to be thanking your scalp for that problem. Greasy or overly oily scalps are caused from overactive sebaceous glands which are also known as the sweat glands. If this is an issue for you, it’s best to take care of it with an oil based shampoo or a good clarifying shampoo. (Oil sticks to other oils.) Conditioner is an important step in your healthy hair routine.

7) Cutting your hair frequently helps make it grow faster.

Unfortunately, this is completely false. Your hair doesn’t grow from your ends, your hair grows from your scalp. We do recommend to cut your hair frequently to promote healthy ends, which also helps make your hair look thicker. When you go long lengths of time between haircuts, your ends tend to break and split. This makes it hard for your hair to grow long when your ends are constantly breaking off.

8) Air drying is better for your hair then blow drying.

When you think about this myth, if it were true, it would make completely sense. It is true, you want to try to avoid excessive amounts of heat on your hair, however, when you put your blow dryer on a warm or medium setting, this is better for your hair then air drying your hair. When your hair is wet, it is in it’s most fragile state. Air drying your hair takes quite a bit of time, during this time your hair can pulled or stretched excessively causes breakage. Also, it is important to remember when you are towel drying your hair, you want “blot or squish” the water out of your hair rather than aggressively drying with a towel.

9) There’s no need to protect your hair from the sun!

It’s true, your hair can’t get a sunburn or cancer but over exposure of UVB and UVA rays can cause damage to your beautiful locks. The sun will dry out your hair leaving it brittle and weak. Your hair will become more frizzy and prone to breakage. We also recommend wearing a wide brimmed hat when your going to be in the sun and applying a leave in conditioner that specifically says it has UV protection in it. You must always avoid any “sun in” product with alcohol, peroxide or lemon juice.

10) The dirtier, the better when it comes to up-dos.

I would just like to ask, whoever is telling everyone one this myth, PLEASE STOP! Freshly washed hair is always the best to start a clean and beautiful up-do. If you have naturally straight or fine hair, stylist have many products that create texture for us to help give you volume or curls. Creating an up-do is similar to starting a painting, when you start with a fresh new canvas, it is a lot easier then having to build paint on top of old paint. Unless otherwise instructed by your hair stylist, we ALWAYS recommend to come into your up-do appointment with clean, dry and with no or minimal product on your hair.

hair-DO or hair-DON’T? Uncovering Hair Myths. Pt. I

First and foremost, we always encourage our friends, family and clients to research and educate themselves on any new hair product or hair tool that interests them before investing time and money into it. We are always here to help answer any and all questions that may come up.

We’ve all heard of different ways to keep our hair healthy. Myths range from the truly unbelievable, outrageous and downright crazy to the so sane it’s hard not believe them. With this technology filled generation, its so easy to find home remedies and cures to bad hair days right at your finger tips.

Keep in mind, not all websites are to be trusted! Not everything on the internet is the truth and it’s important to comb through all the lies to reach the truth. Lucky for you, the Brush Strokes investigative team went deep into the world wide web to uncover those nasty little hair myths.

1) Spit ends can be mended or repaired.

This, unfortunately is so false. Chemical damage, heat damage, sun damage and using to aggressive products are just a few reasons why you could be getting split ends. The only true way to get rid of those pesky split ends would be to cut your hair on a more regular basis. (I would also like to say that even with a decent haircut, your hair may still have some split ends afterwards.)

2) Washing your hair everyday is bad!

When it comes to how often you should be shampooing your hair there isn’t a designated amount of days that professionals recommend because it varies between each person.  Shampooing your hair everyday can be damaging because your scalp creates natural oils that are meant to help protect your hair. However, if you have fine hair, exercise daily or people with extremely oily scalps, shampooing daily may be a recommendation for you. On the other hand, it’s also not healthy “to go as long as you can” without shampooing. This can cause overactive sebum, which is a leading cause to dandruff. You need to determine a happy medium for you and your hair.

3) Pulling a gray hair out will cause two more to grow in its place.

Now, this myth has been around for ages and I don’t see it going away any time soon. Pulling or plucking out your gray hairs will not cause two, three or four more to appear in its place. (It also wont turn the surrounding hairs gray either.) There is NO BENEFIT to pulling out your gray hairs! What your really doing is traumatizing your hair follicle. Over time, repeated trauma to your hair follicle can cause it to rest, which it will then shrink and can no longer produce a healthy hair shaft. Destroying your hair follicle will cause bald patches. If you don’t like your gray hairs, come to us and we’ll color them for you. That is what color is for, after all!

4) You are not allowed to color your hair while your pregnant!

This may have been true ten, maybe even five years ago, but today color has been re-invented and made to be less harmful then you’d think. Back in the days, color was made with formaldehyde and coal-tar dyes which is bad for everyone! Nowa’ days there is so many color lines out there for you to choose from, colors range from high chemical compounds, vegan, organic, ammonia free and the list goes on and on! Your body changes quite a bit during pregnancy, your hormones can change how your hair color turns out or you can become allergic to hair color when you weren’t before pregnancy, but your always welcome to request a patch test to determine how you will react to any color line. If you are concerned about how hair color may effect your baby, we always recommend to speak to your doctor.

5) If you use the same shampoo for too long, your hair will become immune to it.

I will admit, I strongly believed this myth until not too long ago… Many things can cause you to think that your shampoo isn’t doing what it used to, hormonal imbalances may change your hair texture, the weather plays a big role in how your hair feels and how much product you use on a day to day basis can affect how your shampoo works. The most important rule to remember, always choose the shampoo that is right for your hair. If your using the correct products, your hair will never become immune to them. It is fun to switch up your shampoos and try new ones every once in while though.


So Cool by the Pool!

There’s no better way to cool off than sitting poolside with an ice cold glass of lemonade. Many of us find ourselves spending a lot of time at the nearest pool to get a golden tan and take a cooling dip in the pool. Did you know that those chlorine and chemically treated pools could be causing your hair to be become damaged?

Of course, it wont become damaged after one visit but regular exposure to chlorinated water can cause significant damage to those beautiful tresses. Chlorine is a disinfectant that breaks down and removes dirt, oils and bacteria from the pools, which helps the water stay clear and clean. 

Your scalp produces natural oils, prolonged exposure to chlorine strips your hair of all those natural oils. This will cause your hair to feel dry and become frizzy.

Min-Ja Lee with ABCNews wrote an interesting article about keeping your hair, skin and bathing suit free of chlorine damage. It gives you home remedies to get rid of that green tint and maintain silky hair while swimming. Here’s a link to the article, How to Keep Chlorine From Wrecking Your Hair, Skin and Swimsuit.

Thick braids

Not everyone has fabulous, thick locks. Actually, most of us don’t.

A lot of times our clients that come in for up dos tell us they love the inspirations, but that their hair is too fine for the braided look. They usually turn up thin, lacking the visual impact of what they see on the models.

Well, it’s actually surprisingly easy to give your braids a thicker look. All you need to do is to pull the outer sides of the braid to thicken it up, prior to adding your bobby pin or hair band.

We found it on Elizabethany.com, who shared not only how much difference it makes, when you thicken up your braids (called pancaking), versus when you don’t.



Check out here how to achieve this look, and a bonus video as well!


Hairstyles for Brides

Summer time is a big time for outdoor weddings.

Most brides we get around this time of the year decide to skip the veil altogether. Some like the freedom of not wearing one, others just like the boho feel that cascading waves free of accessories have.

A lot of our brides, though, love accessories. They want the accessory to be the real star of the show. We’ve seen beautifully crafted pins, combs and even birdcage veils on our last weddings.

Some are skeptical of how formal a hairstyle will be if you skip a veil, but I tell you brides still achieve a very formal look without the veil. We’ve scouted Pinterest to find beautiful dos that do not require a veil to share with you today.

Depending on the style of your wedding, you may want to consider a few options:


– Combs:

Big or small, they add something extra to the overall look. We’ve seen them in many ways – around buns, on french twists, on a side do. They bring the style together and add the “bling” when there’s no veil.


– Hair pins:

They can be of various shapes. Some of our brides like small flowers or pearls, that aren’t apparent, but provide a nice surprise when a guest truly looks at the style. They add the extra, but don’t steal the show from the updo itself.


– Headbands:

We’ve seen many flower headbands (crowns) that amp up the boho vibe of a gown. We’ve seen small ones that are incorporated into a do, and one of our favorites – intricate, pieces of art that go over the style, bringing out a regal vibe to the look.


– Bejeweled gowns:

Many gowns have jewel details. They can be as big as the whole shoulder piece, or a big detail on the gown. Some have flowers and lace as straps. When you have a busy gown, the idea is that you should stay away from too many accessories on your head.

We highly recommend a style that will either use small pins, or nothing at all. The exception is when the gown’s details are mostly located in the front. When that happens, you can definitely add some bling, or even flower details to the back of your hair.

We found this great image that combines most styles discussed. I love how it shows the different nuances that accessories can have. How similar styles can be played to be boho, modern, or romantic.




What do you think? Which style of accessory are you most likely to go for?



Sun’s out!

It’s that time of the year again, when the sun shines bright, temperature rises to 80s and 90s and the pool is officially open.


But, with the pool season, comes the sun. And we know applying sunscreen is not on the forefront of all our minds. but it should be. Not only on this season. A good dermatologist will recommend you wearing sunscreen every day. That’s right: 365 days of sunscreen.

Some may find a bit too much, some don’t see a need. Some think sunscreen is a “summer thing”. We wish it was. But the damages done by the sun come at all times: winter, spring, summer or fall.

We probably just remember about it most on the Summer time because we actually leave the house with the intent of soaking up the rays.The warm, cozy, but very damaging rays.

But as we stumbled upon this post from Marie Claire we felt the need to share it with you. How is it that we know so much about the importance of sunscreen, but still deadly skin cancer cases have doubled over the last three decades?!

Please ready carefully, consider taking steps to avoid the rays, and add sunscreen to your daily routine. We’ve blogged about a few options here. So please, please check it out.

Stay safe!