Brides and Weddings Photoshoot

Hi, everyone! We are really excited about today’s post! And if you’re writing this, be prepared for some pictures galore!

We were honored to be invited by Cindie, from Brides and Weddings, to participate in a photo shoot that will be featured on their website, and will be published early next year. The group of vendors couldn’t be better, and we are just itching to share some of the behind the scenes!


The backdrop of the photo shoot? The gorgeous Marriott Ranch, in Hume. The venue is perfect for brides looking for a rustic chic feel to their wedding, and the Inn is quaint, and so full of charm it’s impossible to resist.


As I said we had such a great group of vendors on the day of, and our model was just a dream to work with. Here are some shots of Mary getting our model Carolyn, ready for the pictures. We featured two hairstyles and gave her airbrushed makeup for that all day flawless look.




Then it was out of the chair for some pictures. The lovely Lindsey and her team from The Glass Eyed Pony, were shooting all day long, and we were able to catch some lens action.


These girls are just hard working, and so passionate about their work. We are looking forward to the final result.

While they were snapping away, it was time for Miriam, over at Soliloquy Bridal and Mary to watch, and to adjust the hair and dress when needed.



After they finished taking all the pictures in the house, it was time to go outside with the other model of the day, and just how gorgeous is it?



And that was all supervised by the watchful eyes of Miriam and Mary, who made sure the dress and hair do were perfect on the shots.

Tired? There’s still some to go! Then it was time to change the do while the photographers moved to the Pavillion, where the receptions are usually held. I don’t want to give it all away, but even from afar how gorgeous is it?

The place was decorated beautifully with pieces from Diamond Events, and flowers provided by Cynthia, from Design in Bloom.



And of course, after a long day of beautiful weather, amazing company and a lovely time provided by Cindie and the staff at Marriott Ranch (Stephanie is just the nicest! She’s been in the ranch for a few years now, and made sure throughout the shoot that all her guests, and us, were enjoying our stay), we were lucky to get to taste some of the heavenly pastries from Victoria, over at Cakes by Happy Eatery.


(Stephanie T., Stephanie D., Cynthia, Miriam and Mary)


(Cindie, Mary, Miriam and Carolyn)



Cindie and the team at the end of the day.


There are so many people to thank for the day! So, here’s a big thank you to:

Cindie Reinhold (Brides and Weddings of Northern Virginia), for inviting us to be a part of this wonderful photoshoot, and for being a great company on the day of;

Stephanie Dasch (Diamond Events), for putting together such a great team, and for planning and supervising everyone, making sure the day went by smoothly;

Stephanie Thimons (Marriott Ranch), for taking such a good care of the venue, and for being passionate about her work, as well as making us all feel welcome;

Lindsey Warren and her team (Glass Eyed Pony), for doing a wonderful job with the pictures – we can’t wait to see them all!;

Cynthia Damico (Design in Bloom), for providing the gorgeous flowers for the photoshoot, as well her great personality;

Victoria Wu (Cakes by Happy Eatery), for letting us eat all her beautiful work of arts (seriously, they looked almost as good as they tasted);

Miriam Liggett (Soliloquy Bridal), for providing such a jaw dropping gorgeous dress for the shoot, and for being such a great company on the drive;

Carolyn Cutshall (Hunt Country Jewelers), for being such a great model to work with, very patient and professional, as well for providing the beautiful jewelry for the shoot;

Lori Shepherd (Everything Linen), for providing beautiful linens for the set ups;

Holli Rathman (Outside the Window), for the beautiful artwork she created for the shoot.

Please check all of them out! They are all wonderful professionals and you’re sure to love their work and services. We had a great day and we hope all of you survived all the text and pictures! Links for each vendors are next to their names!

Fall Skin Care Changes

It happens to most of us: come summer, your skin gets oilier and you switch into a lighter moisturizer. And with the change of season, it’s time to change it back yet again.

For Fall and Winter months, try switching to a heavier, more emollient moisturizer. And do not forget about the SPF. Just because you can’t really see or feel much of the sun it does not mean it’s not impacting your skin with UVA/UVB rays. Protect yourself every day!


Alicia – Brush Strokes’ Master Aesthetician – recommends the iS Clinical Protective Moisturizer.


According to the label ” it’s a powerful, hydrating,anti-oxidant rich daytime moisturizer that has extreme Ozyme Protection, which is proven to help prevent skin damage. Formulated with powerful botanicals, natural vitamins, and potent anti-oxidants.” It’s great for transitioning your skin to the Fall climate change.

If you tend to get oily no matter what season, she recommends pairing the moisturizer with the iS Clinical Age Treatment Complex. But wait, don’t be fooled by its name!



It’s not only for people with mature skin. It’s actually a ” powerful formulated formula that fights breakouts, encourages skin brightening as well as combats the signs of aging. It provides immediate and long-term improvements that help to naturally hydrate the skin.”

But be certain: just because your skin is oily does not mean you don’t need a moisturizer. Sometimes oily skin produces even more oil to compensate for its dehydration. So don’t be afraid to use a heavier moisturizer: chances are your skin really needs it!

If you have any questions about your skin type or products to use, call us and schedule an appointment with Alicia!

And don’t forget about our running promotion of a 20% off of the PCA Ultra Peel with Alicia. It runs throughout the month of October only! Call and schedule yours!


Beautifying Elixirs Color Revive

Hi, everyone.


Welcome back to our blog! We’ve experienced some changes and we were unable to post for a while, but we are back in business!

Today we wanted to share a new Eufora product with you, and also show you the before and after of using it.

Eufora recently came out with a new line: Beautifying Elixir’s Color Revive. Their premise is: “keep your hair fresh and vibrant in between salon visits with these concentrated formulas to eliminate brassiness in blonds and highlighted hair, deliver vibrant tones to brunettes and copper-reds, while adding shine.”


The best part? It can also be used in non-color treated hair. So you can get the benefit of a vibrant color without having to commit to coloring the hair.

Of course we wanted to try it out as soon as we got them – and that’s just what we did. So here’s our first hand experience with the product. And let me prepare you: it’s about to be good!

So here’s a comparison above and bellow of before and after applying the product.
We did not use any flash, or photoshop. We used our salon’s ceiling light and that’s it.



Can you SEE that red? It’s so vibrant! We are in awe! And all it took was 5 minutes. We are beyond impressed!


Here’s the breakdown on how to use it:

– Mix the product (comes in a 1oz. pump bottle – and you should use 1-3 pumps tops) with your conditioner or hair masque (the product comes with a mini Beautifying Elixir’s Clay Masque ) and leave it on for 5 minutes.

– Rinse off.

And that’s it.

*Our experience is that you should rinse off your hair with colder water (doesn’t have to be freezing, but definitely cooler) to seal the hair cuticle. Because the only real downside is that the color transfers a bit right after applying. So just don’t use your fancy white towel when doing it, and really follow their direction in using a glove to apply, cause it’ll stain your hands for a bit. But right after blow drying the hair we did not see any transfer whatsoever. You will though see the product coming out in the following washes, but no stains on towels to report!

But judging by the amazing results, we definitely recommend this product, and will use them ourselves. Next we will try it in brunettes and blondes to see the results!


Braided Topsy Tail

Hi, everyone!

Hope you are all having a wonderful Saturday so far! What are your plans for today? We are looking forward to some apple picking, family gatherings and watching some football. And this hairstyle fits perfectly with all these plans. It’s easy, fast to style and it will look tons better than just your regular ponytail.

Thanks to Hair and Make-up by Steph for letting us share this on our blog. And check out all their beautiful hair tutorials! We took forever to decide on one to share! Click on the image bellow for the tutorial.


We are definitely going to try it out! And if you do, please tag us on your pictures on facebook, or tweet us a photo! We’d love to see it!

Aquage Academy Workshop

Last week two of our stylists went to the Aquage Academy workshop in Baltimore, MD.

The event took place in the Hilton Hotel, Sunday and Monday. On the first day everyone got to work on their up-dos using mannequins provided by Aquage, whereas the second day was reserved for some business oriented workshops and new and advanced cutting techniques for upcoming year of 2014.

The workshop was a dream, and lasted about 8 hours a day. Here are some sneak peaks of the Up-dos from the first day workshop!



these were done by Michelle, our Hair Stylist


These ones were done by Alicia, our Master aesthetician and Apprentice


Of course the hairstyles are a bit edgier than what most people would want for an event, but they still look really amazing! We can’t wait for next year’s workshop!

Box Color vs. Salon Color

A lot of us wonder about the difference between coloring our hair at home vs. coloring it in the salon.

Some people prefer to do it at home instead of investing in coloring in the salon, whereas others simply can’t imagine using box colors. It’s understandable. Coloring the hair at a salon is definitely more expensive then coloring at home. But have you thought of what harm you could be doing to your hair by skipping the salon and reaching for that box?

This really amazing article is just what you need to read! Really, go ahead and check it now!

Plus, it gives you also tips for what to do when coloring at home. We really enjoy the article and hope you do too. And if you still have any doubts, please reach out to us! One of our stylists would be more than happy to explain it to you!

And don’t forget to check out The Beauty Snoop website for tons of tips, products and posts that we’re sure will catch your interest as well!

NYFW looks – Ponytails

NYFW (New York Fashion Week) this year came with a bang. As it always does. There were beautiful clothes, beautiful makeup looks, and of course, beautiful hair. And we are fawning over that!

We follow a lot of blogs out there, and one we can always count on to have good material is Hair Romance. I swear we check them And so should you all.

This time they pulled 3 stunning ponytail looks from the runway, and they are jaw-dropping. And there is something for all tastes. There’s romantic, sleek and chic, and tousled.

Don’t forget to check it out!




Happy Thursday, everyone!

We know summer is slowly coming to an end, and as excited as we are about pumpkin lattes, new fall trends on hair/makeup and the beautiful hues of the trees, it’s always sad to say goodbye to the longer summer days.

That’s why so many of us are still planning on going on our last trips to take in as much of the warm weather as possible. And for that we have just the perfect treat.


If you’re one of the people who try their best to avoid the hassle of checking in bags, opting instead to bring a carry-on, this is perfect for you.

It was with them in mind that Eufora came out with this kit: Beauty-On-The-Go. This travel size kt includes two cult favorites from the line: Beautifying Serum and Illuminate Finishing Spray.



It gets better! The greatest part of this kit is the fact that Eufora knows each client has their favorite shampoo and conditioner, so they’re letting you choose which ones to have in your kit!

How great is that? Finally a kit that can be tailored to suit you and your hair type.


For your shampoo you can choose from the following: Hydrating, Pure Cleanse, Urgent Repair and Volumizing.

For conditioner, you can choose between: Daily Balance, Urgent Repair Treatment and Moisture Solution.

It’s a great kit, with a great bag, perfect to carry it around without worrying if your products will spill or having to buy extra travel sizes containers and forgetting which containers holds what. And plus: they won’t take that away from you in the plane. They are all travel-sizes!

And don’t forget, we will also refill all products we can, including the travel sizes, for 10% off if you bring back the empty bottles. We are firm believers of reusing the bottles and doing our share for the environment.

What do you think? Call us for prices and availability of the kits, and let us know where you’re going to enjoy the rest of summer, we’d love to know!

Double Braid Hair Tutorial

Hello, everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend.

Today we are again taking a break from talking about products to share with you this really quick and cute hair tutorial from the fabulous Kinsey, over at

Not only does she take the most gorgeous pictures, she also has some really great hair tutorials, all very laid back and beautiful. Don’t forget to check her out. We are fans of all her fashion posts, DIYs and photos.


Click on the image for the tutorial over at her blog. And thanks again Kinsey for letting us share this on our blog. We really appreciate it!

We will be back later on the week with some tips for whoever is going on their last summer vacations/getaways. Check back on Thursday!


Thinning Hair? Not anymore!

Thousands of men and women suffer from thinning hair. Previously thinning hair was an issue linked mainly to men, though in the past few years more women have been suffering from it – or coming forth about this issue.

So before we talk about how to treat it, let’s understand the causes of hair loss.



1. Abusive Styling Practices:

Every time you use a product on the scalp, flat iron your hair, blow dry it or even curl it you inflict damage upon your hair follicle. While there are some really nice products that minimize the damage, it is not recommended that you style your hair frequently. Try to go at least 3 days without using a heat tool to give time for the hair to heal.


2. Excessive Chemical Services:

Straightening services (other than the Keratin), color, highlights, perms – all these services add up damage to the hair. Again, there are some really advanced products out in the market that have as little chemicals as possible in their formulas, and work just as well with the same results delivered. Make sure to consult with your stylist as to what chemicals are on the products they use and what damages they inflict on your hair.


3. Poor Scalp Health:

This can be associated with lack of nutrients in the body, or not using the right products for your hair. Make sure your diet is rich and that you are ingesting the recommended amount of vitamins.


Now, on to how to treat the problem!


Eufora’s  most recent launch, Thickening Regimen, is targeted towards women that suffer from thinning hair (they have another line targeting men – more on that on another post).

The complete regimen has 5 products: (from left to right) Cleansing treatment (your shampoo), conditioning Treatment, Thickening Serum, Scalp Treatment and Nutritional Support.

The Cleansing Treatment is an antioxidant rich shampoo that creates an optimal scalp environment for hair growth.

The Conditioning Treatment has ProAmino Cell Therapy, which strengthens thinning hair to prevent breakage and increase elasticity, while delivering shine and silky softness.

Thickening Serum is a styling product that creates volume and fullness to the hair.

Scalp Treatment is a very concentrated formula that helps prevent fallout with maximum ProAmino Cell Therapy. It works above and bellow the scalp to create an optimal scalp environment.

Lastly, the Nutritional Support is a daily vitamin supplement with the essential dietary support required for beautiful and healthy hair growth.



We in the salon have been trying the new line out, and so have a few of our clients. We are happy to say the results have been great so far! While we haven’t been trying out for the recommended 3 month period to get full results, we do see a lot less hair fallout during shower and brushing! We love it!

Call us or pop by for a more in depth explanation flyer, as well as a chat with Mary (salon owner and hair designer) for more on the line.