Makeup for Glasses!

Happy Thursday, everyone!


Today we put together a post about makeup for glasses. Many people feel that glasses overpower the face, therefore they see no need to add makeup to the face. Others feel like the same routine can be used regardless of whether you’re wearing glasses, or not.

In our experience, a few tweaks are all you need to make sure your makeup is ready to go for those days when you just don’t want to reach for your contacts.

What we believe in is: makeup is always a must. And we don’t mean a full on smokey eye on a daily basis, but at least a few simple things to enhance your natural beauty.

It all depends on your frames: There are TONS of frames out there – invisible, thick, colored, multicolor. It all plays a role on what is going to look better on.

We found this handy post, by, on a variety of makeup applications on different frames, as well as this youtube video, from the beauty department, on how to enhance your features when wearing glasses with a few makeup products.

Winter Hair Color Inspiration Board!

Hi, everyone! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend post-thanksgiving! And hope you all had a great turkey day,not only with amazing food, but also that you took time to be thankful for what really matters in life.

We are doing a quick post today after getting a whole lot of new clients looking to change their color and not really knowing what to do. Well, we took time to put together a lovely inspiration board of our favorite hair colors out there on Pinterest lately.

Even if most people tend to go darker for Winter, it certainly isn’t a law, so our board has a collection of brunettes, red-heads, ombres and of course just blondes. So there’s something for everyone! Take a few seconds to take a look, and who knows?! Maybe you’ll see a color that will catch your attention too!

New Holiday Collection by Jane Iredale

Welcome back, everyone! Hope you’re all having a great Saturday so far.

Today we wanted to share with you these new products that just came out. Inspired by the glamour of Great Gatsby, Jane Iredale came out with the new beautiful Gilded and Gifted Collection, containing a beautiful Rose-Gold Eye and Lip Palette, and the Snappy Wand.

This Holiday Collection is all about glam, with deep and colorful shades of both eye shadow and lipsticks. 2013 is the year to push the envelope and try out darker, sultry looks – in a true Gatsby fashion.



The Eye and Lip Palette features 15 PurePressed Eye Shadows, 10 PureMoist Lipsticks and 5 PureGloss Lip glosses, as well as a lip pencil. There are shades for everyone.



The eye palette is divided in 3 categories: Lights, Smoky and Brights.

Lights: Oyster, Wink, Hush, Rose Gold, Dreamy Pink.

Smoky: Platinum, Cappuccino, Supernova, Merlot, Double Espresso.

Brights: Magic, Caribbean, Violet Eyes, Blue Hours, Red Carpet.

You can expect the same consistency in all shades, very smooth and not at all powdery.



The LipMoist lipsticks are divided in:

Neutrals: Sarak, Kaylee.

Pinks and Corals: Liz, Lucy, Madison, Abigail, Rikki.

Reds and Mauves: Naomi, Margi, Theresa.


The PureGloss lip glosses are divided in:

Shimmering: Snow Berry, Beach Plum, Pink Candy.

Sheer: Bellini, Crabapple.


Over all it’s a great palette, and would make a beautiful Holiday Gift to any friend, coworker, and family member that enjoy a variety of colors. We also love that the eye shadows and the lipsticks are in different compartments, so you won’t get residue from the shadows on your lip colors.



Also, you the palette comes with a lip brush, for easy application on the go. And can we talk about the gorgeous rose gold color? The palette is shiny, and beautiful, and with such gorgeous, and high quality products in it, there’s no way you can go wrong with the Eye & Lip Palette.


This is definitely a go-to palette , and it’s also the perfect size to carry around in  your purse, specially in conjunction with the Snappy Wand.


It can substitute having a mess of brushes to carry everywhere, and having the magnets holding the parts together makes it for a very stable brush, for a perfect application. You don’t have to worry about applying a little bit more pressure and having the wand snap off on you.




The eye and lip palette retails for $75 and the Snappy Wand retails for $30. These are great gifts and the brushes can be a great add on as a stocking stuffer as well!

Fuller Ponytail Tutorial

Hey, everyone! Hope you are all enjoying this Tuesday!

Today we are bringing to you a tutorial that anyone can do. Don’t believe it? All you need are two hair ties. Simple, huh?



To check out the full tutorial, click on the image above!And check their website too! It’s full of great tutorials for you to try!


The one thing we will say is that the last step proved to be a bit confusing to some users.

If you have doubts just keep reading. You don’t need to twist the ponytails together. What they mean is to intertwine pieces of the top pony with the lower one for a more integrated look – so that you won’t see two distinct ponytails. They’ll merge and look like a fuller, longer one.

Let us know if you try this out! And check back in a couple days for another post!

Eufora Cocktails?!

Yes, you read it right! Did you know you can take your hair care routine a step further by mixing products you may already have in your home?

We, and a lot of our clients use and approve of one of our main hair care lines – Eufora.

It truly is a great line. All based in certified organic Aloe Vera gel, top quality botanical ingredients, as well as soy, wheat and hair keratin proteins. There is also no water added in their formulas, so a little product goes a long way. If you’re not achieving the lather you want, just add a bit more water – it should do the trick!

But back to the cocktails! A lot of people have their own preferred concoction to achieve the best look, others just want a quick ” do-it-all” product. Eufora’s products are great by themselves, but you can take them a step further by mixing some products together for an even greater result!


Extend the life of your color and perm services

Blend a quarter size dollop of Sculpture Styling Glaze and 3-4 spritzes of Illuminate Shine Mist into your palms. Apply to towel dried hair. Reapply every time you cleanse and condition your hair for maximum results.

The Styling Glaze is a great product for adding grip to your hair and making your job of styling it (be it after a blow dry or adding curls) much easier. It’s malleable and won’t leave your hair stiff. By adding the shine mist, you’re helping seal the hair cuticle, bringing out the shine and softness of the hair, as well as sealing the color and perm treatment.


Create volume, body and manageability

Use a quarter size dollop of Sculpture Styling Glaze, or two quarter size Formation Whipped Styling Solution sprays on towel dry hair. Halfway through your blow dry, spray Volume Fusion Spray throughout the hair. Finish drying and style as usual.

The styling glaze and the formation whipped solution add just the right amount of grip to your hair, so that when you spray the volume spray, you’ll have an easier time reaching the desired volume – as well as keeping it throughout the day.


Add shine without the weight

For thicker, coarser hair, blend Sculpture Styling Glaze with Pure Polish Finishing Drops in your palm and work through towel dry hair.

For finer hair, you may want to skip the Pure Polish Drops. It’s a great product, but it’s a bit too thick for fine hair, and will weigh it down. Instead, mix the Sculpture Glaze with Illuminate Shine Spray, which will deliver the same shiny finish without the weight.

This is not only great to add shine, but this mix helps to eliminate frizz, leaving your hair smooth and soft.


Add moisture back into curly hair

For dry, coarse hair, work in your palm a pump or two of the Hydration Leave-in Conditioner and a couple of the Beautifying Serum pumps.

Work though whole hair, focusing more on the ends (that usually are drier, and require more moisture). This will ensure soft, manageable hair, as well as no frizzies!


Do you have any favorite mixes? Even if not Eufora, what works best for your hair? Let us know on the comments bellow! And also, feel free to ask us about cocktails for specific problems or hair types! We’d love to answer and help you.




Fall Sophisticated Look

Happy Friday!

Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons: weather is nice, leaves turn all sorts of yellows, oranges and red, and of course: pumpkin everything! As promised, we are following up on our Fall Makeup Trends with a tutorial on the ones that stood out the most to us – and that would be the dark lips.

Most people are scared of a darker lip color, and won’t even try it out. Trust me your perfect lip shade is out there! All you have to do is figure out which one flatters your complexion.

Our take on the look has the same dark, bold lip color, earthy tones on the eyes and pale skin that popped up on the runways of NYFW.

To start of: use a foundation/bb cream/ tinted moisturizer that’s one shade lighter than your skin tone. This look goes for glowy and ivory skin. To get that glow just lightly dust a highlighter all over. We used the Jane Iredale Triple Pearl powder.

To achieve the eye look we blended a few products: we used Jane Iredale’s triple eyeshadow in Sundown and added a bit of Silver Lining for an added pop on the center of the lid. We finished by adding a white shimmery shade on the inner corner and on the brow bone. The key to the look is to blend, blend blend – and you’ll get a beautiful earthy tone smokey eye. Stick to using the lighter shade of your preference all over the lid, the medium tone on your crease and the darkest on the outer corner, and blending a little towards the crease as well.

We lined the eyes with a black eyeliner on top, and black pencil on the bottom. Remember to get the darkest eye shadow shade you used and blend out the outer edge of the liner.

We wanted to add another pop of color, so we added a thin silver liner on top of the black one. It makes a huge difference. It really adds and extra glam to the eyes! Top your lashes with a few coats of mascara – or add false lashes if you’re feeling adventurous! – and you’re done with the eyes!


The lips steal the show, so we highlighted the cupid’s bow with the Highlighter pencil and added Jane Iredale’s Lip pencil in Berry to the top lip and in Earth Red to the bottom lip. We topped both pencils with the Lip Fixation in Rapture for a glossier look.


You can always go back and add concealer around your mouth to make the color pop even more.



The final look is just perfect for any upcoming Holiday Party, Company Event or even a night out. And by starting your lip with a pencil it lasted all through dinner!



Are you going to try the dark lip look this fall? If you are send us pictures of it! We’d love to see it! And sorry for the images. These were taken with the phone and make the colors a little more saturated than they originally were.

Fall Makeup Trends

We all look up to New York Fashion Week for the biggest Fall Trends. This year was no different, and cheer up, ladies, cause there is something for all of us!

We’ve seen all types of eye looks: subdued, metallic, bold eyeliners. And the same goes for lips, who went from nude to deep berry tones.

We are in love with the use of metallic eye shadows. It’s just so perfect for the Holiday Season! And the cat eye took new proportions for fall. Now is the time to experiment with it! Not everyone has the control for a fine cat eye look, but Fall is all about bold – so feel free to use a heavier hand on it!

If you are all about the smokey eye this fall is perfect for you! Mark Jacobs’ look on the runway was all about the dark eyes paired with nude lips.

Bold lips are also in: if you’re not too sure about a fiery red, try opting for wine, burgundy and plum hues. If you are set on your pink colors, and still not comfortable switching to a deeper color, here’s a little tip: add a deeper lip pencil as a base and top it off with your preferred pink lipstick. The lipstick will tone down the lip pencil and you won’t feel like you have such a deep color on.

Check out this post over at Become Gorgeous  for pictures of the best runways looks, and well as more details about this season’s top trends!

And stay tuned for a Fall Trend inspired look coming up on the blog as well!




Holiday Special!

We know Halloween is over, but we waited to give you guys the biggest treat today!

Throughout the Holidays we are featuring 40% off selected Jane Iredale makeup products! This means you can grab something for you, something for a friend or a loved one for a really good deal!

Here’s are a few pictures of all the goodies! We have it all: lipsticks, lip glosses, mascaras, eyeliners, eye shadows, etc! There’s something for everyone!



Call us if you want to know more about specific products on sale, but hurry in! And share it with your friends as well! I’ll tell you it’s an amazing deal, and some of it is already gone!

Keep your tan on!

Those long, sunny summer days have said their goodbyes. And to most people, it means saying hello to pale winter skin. Well, it doesn’t have to be so! Your tan doesn’t have to go anywhere!

There are tons of self-tanning products in the market, though they still seem foreign to most of us. The trick with using self tanners is finding one that won’t make you look orange – that Oompa Loompa look should stay in movies only!

Finding a shade that is flattering to you doesn’t always happen with the first product you choose, which is why today we are introducing a really good – no orange-proof self-tanner.


Tantasia – by Jane Iredale


It combines the best of all worlds:

:: Unique Ingredients work with your own melanin to produce a tan that is yours alone! Never looking orange.

:: Streak free! So your tan will build up evenly and gradually with each use.

:: It has an invigorating fresh fragrance, with no after smell.

:: It’s sensitivity-tested for multipurpose use on body and face.

:: Wheat proteins provide soothing, natural hydration for skin.

:: Vegetable-sourced natural silicone makes your body feel like silk.


Now, on to how you should apply it:

On the face: use a pea-size drop and dot the product on your forehead, cheeks and chin. Spread from the center of the face – out.

On the body: you’ll need at least a quarter-size drop for the arms, and the same for legs and body. Rub the product in up-down motions.

*Don’t forget to wash your hands afterwards! Repeat daily until a golden tan has been achieved – or until  you are satisfied with the tan. After that, just incorporate it on your skin routine to maintain the color.

Halloween Makeup Ideas

Hi, everyone!  Hope you are all doing fantastic today despite it being a little chilly.

Halloween is exactly a week away (and Holidays are coming closer! Where did 2013 go?!). But we know all about last minute parties, and scrambling to get your costume. Which is why we gathered a few make up looks that could work both with your costumes and also BE your costume.

Of course we are not all makeup artists, so in our selection we got a few easier looks and of course some beautiful extravagant ones by some really good makeup artists out there!






(via Erin Schmalz)



(via illusion – MAC Session by Karin Stone)



(via Flex Dreams – by Stanislav Istratov)

All pictures were found on Pinterest, and of course credit goes to each individual makeup artist – please check their beautiful work out. We selected only a few of the hundreds of looks worth sharing with you all.


If you’re feeling a bit more daring, check out our pinterest board for more inspiration on looks! There are some really great tutorials out there to compliment your halloween costume, and of course, if you decide to use one of the looks, be sure to tag us on your photos on facebook, twitter, or even pin it on pinterest so we can see!