Monday Specials with Michelle

Hi, everyone!


Those who follow us on facebook are already taking advantage of our Monday Specials, so we figured we should share it here as well!


During the months of February and March, our stylist Michelle will be offering some amazing Monday deals for new clients!



Enjoy 50% off of your Blowouts and $10 off of haircuts!


Want more?


There is also a 25% off of Keratin Treatments!


And if you refer a friend, or family member that hasn’t been with us yet, you get a Salon Reward! Want to know about the rewards?


Send in your first referral and get 25% off of your next service.

Send in your second referral and get 50% off of your next service.

Send in your third, and your next haircut is free!


So, come on in, send in other people, and enjoy these amazing Monday specials with Michelle!



Beauty Brunch Sunday

Good morning, everyone!

Last night we sent out the invitation for our Beauty Brunch Sunday, but for those not listed on our system we wanted to post it here too, so no one will miss it!

Keep reading for more info!



Brush Strokes is hosting its’ first annual



On February 16th, from 12PM – 3PM

We will have our beloved stylists: Mary and Michelle,

 As well as, Thomas Yvanauskas (Innovative Skincare representative)

at the salon, to inform you of the upcoming and latest

Hair styles, Blow drying techniques, skin care and makeup.


We are also really happy to announce that we will be joined

 by Misty Carter and Dr. Yaqub Baraki, M.D.

From Lansdowne Aesthetic Center to discuss the

Top non-invasive skin care procedures, as well as offer

Botox applications for a discounted price!


Don’t miss out on this event! We will have

Preview of new products and demos on hair, skin care, makeup and styling.


We will be having refreshments and brunch, admission is free*.

Door prizes include: travel flat iron, Eufora Travel Bag, Eufora Volume Starter Kit, Nail Polish duo,

a free mini-facial treatment and 50% off of your next hair chemical service!


Spots are limited, so please RSVP by February 7th to:

To confirm your presence. The first 12 people to rsvp

Will be getting a deluxe goodie bag from iS Clinical!



* A $50.00 fee is required if you’re interested in Botox applications with Dr. Baraki. (The $50 can go towards your treatment). If you’re just coming for the tips and demos, admission is free.


Call us with any questions or concerns! And we hope to see you there! Don’t forget to RSVP!

News you won’t want to miss out on!

Hi everyone!

After a marathon of weddings, we are now focusing on all our amazing February events!

This upcoming month is bring out quite a lot of events for our team at Brush Strokes and of course events that will benefit our clientele! Here’s a snippet!


– February 14th: Valentine’s Day Special (10AM – 6PM)

It’s Valentines Day, and it’s Friday. Perfect combination to enjoy some extra time with your loved one, or that special group of friends. So we are offering discounts on Blow drying appointments. Normally a $55 to $65 value, on Valentine’s Day Blow outs are $35! We are also offering a $5 off haircuts, including a blow dry as well as a complimentary makeover. So don’t miss out and make your appointments!


– February 15th: Bridal Show at the Waterford (12PM-5PM)

We were honored to be invited again by the wonderful Stephanie Dash (of Diamond Events) and referred by Cindie Reinhold (Brides and Weddings Magazine of NoVa) to be a vendor at this bridal show! If you know of any special ones getting married, don’s miss this opportunity of coming in and getting to know great vendors, as well as great specials and giveaways! More on the taste and tour of Waterford here:



– February 16th: Beauty Brunch Day (12PM – 3PM)

This event is for you! We will have our beloved stylists Mary and Michelle go over main hair style concerns, blow drying techniques as well as a demo in one of the participants. We will have our representative Thomas Yvanauskas from Innovative Skincare talking about any of your skin care questions, as well as the products and how to get the most out of them. Mary will be talking about our makeup line Jane Iredale and also doing a demo in one of the participants on how to apply, pick out your best colors, and anything else you need/want to know about makeup. We are going to be joined by Misty Carter and Dr. Baraki from Lansdowne Aesthetic Center to answer your questions about the latest non-invasive skin procedures.
 We ask all participants to RSVP to our email until February 5th to secure your spot!

(more info on this event to follow!)


– February 23rd: Soliloquy Bridal Event

If you or any family/friend you know is getting married you will want to attend this event! Head over to Soliloquy Bridal to find out more about the day! Mary will be there making sure brides-to-be can get the utmost out of their dress shopping experience by adding just the right hair for the dress style.


Tired? There are 2 more announcements!

From now until the last Monday of February, we are offering 20% off of hair services for new clients that book on Mondays, with our stylist Michelle.


Want more?

For the remainder of the year, we will have our Birthday Specials, starting this February, with a new promotion. Besides the $10 off of your $50 purchase, we will now offer a 25% off of a Mini-Facial Treatment (usually $60 value), or a 10% off of your hair service.


Hopefully you’ve managed to get to the end of this post. It’s a great way to start 2014 at the salon, and we, of course, have you to thank for the constant support!


Tips for your Interview Look

Hi, everyone!


With this new year starting we know how businesses are slowing gearing up again – and with that comes all the interviews and new hires for all companies.

Hopefully you received that awaited phone call about coming in for that interview. But now you ask yourself: how should I dress/ look to make a good impression, but without exaggerating?

It’s tricky sometimes. A look you’re used to may not be the look a new company is after. There are always the safe options, as well as some basic advice.


1. Look polished, but not overdone.

2. Yes, how you dress is important. But no matter what, make sure your knowledge is what makes you stand out to the interviewer.

3. Confidence is key!


Now, for more detailed tips, we found this great article posted by Cosmopolitan on their website. Worth checking out for tips on makeup looks, hair and even polishes (yes, people DO notice the cracks and that bright blue polish). So give it a go!

And good luck on your interview!

Brides and Weddings Photoshoot

Hi, everyone!


We are here today with a fresh out of the oven news! A couple months ago we posted about a photo shoot we all did for Brides and Weddings magazine, with some talented vendors and great teams.

Well, it finally is here! The magazine is printed, and you can get your complimentary copy here at the salon, share it with anyone you know that is starting their wedding process and of course just browse through it if you want!

Besides that gorgeous magazine (in which the photo shoot we helped with is featured on the cover!) we are also featured on their blog post! Click here to check it out! And don’t forget to check out all other vendors that made this shoot possible.


We will be back really soon with more tutorials! Check back this week!


New Year’s (Beauty) Resolutions

Hi, everyone! Hope you’ve started 2014 with the right foot, and that you took time to reflect on your goals for the year ahead.

The hard thing about making resolutions is sticking with them. We always have such a strong desire to do our best, but slowly throughout the months it dwindles down and we lose the spark. What we like to do is write them down and put them where you can see – so your vanity, your fridge, your closet, etc. Anywhere, really, that you will stop and look, and be reminded of how you strongly you felt about your resolutions when you put them down on paper.

We try to keep them short – and not specific. So we’ve decided to share with you all today our beauty resolutions!


1. Drink more water! – as cliche as it is, it’s true. Water is SO important to regulate your metabolism and to keep both your skin and hair healthy. So many people confuse being hungry with being thirsty and instead of reaching for the water, they reach for a snack instead. It is SO beneficial to drink more water daily. Don’t aim for a number! Try this instead: if you only have one full bottle before lunch, try doing two. Small steps will make reaching your goal easier and will keep you motivated!

2. Sleep more – do any of you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day? We certainly do a few days, and end up giving up sleep to get more things done. This year, we plan on turning off that tv earlier, putting down that book and heading to back aiming for those 8 hours. It truly impacts your metabolism and your overall disposition when you get enough sleep – we feel ready to take on the world! (or the salon, but you know, small steps, right?)

3. Be more active – whether it’s taking the stairs on the mall instead of escalators, parking a little further down and walking those extra steps, anything counts. Being active is so much more than just working out. It’s taking time to go out and play with your kids, take your dog for a good walk around the neighborhood, etc. It’s good for you and good for your soul. You’ll feel tons better after adding some exercise in your life – we promise!

4. Cleanse face at night, always – you can use all good products in the world for your face, but if you go to bed with makeup on, you are wasting all your energy. It is so important to remove all traces of makeup and go to bed with a clean face! It will prevent acne, racoon eyes, and even eye infections! So even though we are pretty good at it, we will try to make sure we don’t miss a single day!


So there you go! Our beauty resolutions for this 2014! Now we can be held accountable for them as well! What are your resolutions?

New Year’s Makeup Ideas

Hi, everyone! Hope you all had a Wonderful Christmas! It feels like there’s always something to celebrate this time of the year – and we are not complaining. Can you believe that New Year’s is less than a week away?! It’s crazy!

That’s why we decided to put together an inspiration board for a few New Year’s looks to try. We know a few people love to add glitter to their looks (and what better day, right?), others like to intensify the look with a dramatic eye, and others stick to the classic cat eye paired with red lips.

Regardless of your preference, here are a few ideas to try!




via Unique Butterflies

This classic smokey eye is perfect for some drama! Just remember to keep the lips neutral to balance your look.




via Olga Blik

This look is perfect for those who are uncomfortable with a lot of glitter. This glitter pen work beautifully as a liner to add just the right pop of glitter to your look, leaving the rest of the lid pretty neutral.




via Vegas_Nay

This look is great to add a pop of gold and just a dusting of glitter on the inner corner. Neutral lovers – this is the look for you! Just remember to keep the rest of the eye look matte, and to define your crease with a matte brown shade – this will give your look some depth while still bringing out the beautiful gold color.




via Beauty Frizz

This is one of our favorite looks. The lid is covered in a very light shimmery shade with a dust of glitter, and the outer V is defined with a darker shadow (you can go for a olive, brown or black). The same shade is used very lightly along the crease for some definition. Lips here are bare – the eyes are the star of the show, but you can always go for a nude with a coral undertone. Try to opt for a matte lip for the same effect.


Well, there you go! A few options for your New Year’s look – no matter where you go for the evening! Let us know if you’d like to see a tutorial on any of those!

And Happy Holidays!

Winter Hair Care Tips

Hi, everyone! Can you believe Christmas is just a few days away? Where has 2013 gone?

Well, anyway. We touched base last post on a couple of tutorials for your hair and makeup for upcoming Holiday parties.

One thing we wanted to go over as well is a couple tips on how to best care for your hair this season! We all know how damaging summer can be on the hair (talk about sun damage, and salty water or chlorine from beaches and pools. Now, winter time the worries are others: dry, frizzy hair, static, and over use of styling tools.

Here are a few tips:

Hot showers are amazing, but terrible: it’s true. To compensate the cold weather outside, we all love to indulge in a hot shower. As is “steam all over your bathroom like the deepest of fogs” hot. They just make you feel better inside. But they are terrible on both your hair and skin. Try avoiding those super hot temperatures and opt for a warm shower instead. Your hair won’t be dried out, and neither will your skin.

Deep conditioner is a must: we love to pamper ourselves with a deep conditioning treatment once a week. On winter, if you have thicker hair, you may even want to do it twice a week. All the moisture will be welcome. And try to follow it with a leave in conditioner (should be used every day!), to protect your hair from getting dry and frizzy outside.

Dryer sheets and deep conditioner are a must to fight static: we read it in a few posts already how dryer sheets are handy even for your head. Just stick a couple in your makeup bag and run it over your hair when needed. It’s a life saver. But always, always deep condition to add moisture to your hair. Another option is to run a tiny bit of dry wax through the top of your hair to calm the frizzies down.

Don’t wash every day: try to start washing your hair every other day, and then amp up to every third day wash. It isn’t necessary to wash your hair every day. Your hair needs the natural oils it produces to keep your scalp healthy and flake free.

Heat Tools: with all the Holiday Parties this time of the year the use of styling tools is inevitable. To protect your hair, always, always use a heat protectant. Also, when curling the hair, start from mid shaft and slowly incorporate the tips in the curler – this will insure that your ends won’t get fried from over heating it!


Come back in a couple days for another post! And of course, if you have more tips, please comment bellow or share it with us on our facebook page!





Holiday Hair/Looks Inspiration

Happy Saturday, everyone!

Come this time of the year everyone has a Holiday party to attend: be it a family, co-worker, work, or a friend’s party. We love these parties as an excuse to dress up and add that extra step to turn the look a little more festive! So that’s why we gathered together a few very resourceful links for Holiday Looks and specially Holiday Hair!

Daily Makeover has this very resourceful slideshow for 10 Ways to Jazz up your look, with makeup and hair tips. SO worth checking out!

Canadian Family has selected 6 Hair Tutorials that are perfect for this time of the year, and the best part? They are mostly no hassle ones! So go over and select the one that will flatter that special outfit the most!

– Jenny, over at Babblings of a Mommy shared 3 Perfect Do’s on her website! 3 Red Carpet Looks that can be done at home. Though not all are simple, just give yourself some little bit extra time and you’ll be catching the eyes of everyone at your party!

And just because we believe sometimes adding the right accessory can transform your look, here are two beautiful, delicate styles we found floating on Pinterest (yet again! We are obsessed with it!)


via: Pinterest

This just goes to show that a bow can make your hairstyle. A simple half up pony takes on a totally festive look with the added red ribbon. We are fawning over it! Just back comb the front section for some extra oomph, and use a large curling wand (2in barrel) for the subtle wave on the bottom!


via: Pinterest

And here we see how you can take your simple messy bun to the next level! We are lovers of sparkles, specially on this time of the year! So nothing better than to combine this easy do with a sparkly clip for a Holiday ready look. Can you imagine this paired with a red lip? Gorgeous!


Let us know if you have other inspirations or if you want to see more styles! And if you know the original links to the images above, let us know as well! We’d love to give credit to it’s rightful owner! It’s such a beautiful shot!

Highlight and Contour for Different Face Shapes

Hi, everyone! Hope you are all having a great Wednesday so far.

Winter is that time of the year when natural tans fade, and your face goes back to that one color all over. This is the time of the year where contour and highlight should be an essential step on your makeup routine.

Now, you’ve probably been exposed to tons of tutorials either on Pinterest or Youtube or blogs about where to place each product. Most, however, only seem to be tailored to the models/ blogger/ youtuber that’s getting the makeup done.

While some steps are very similar, there are definitely some changes, albeit small ones, in application for your specific face shape. Check out this image we found on Pinterest for inspiration on how to get the most out of your highlight and contour for your shape!

Also, if you have any doubts as to what your face shape is, here is a breakdown on how you can figure it out:


Diamond: the largest part of your face are your cheekbones, making your face go from small, to long, to small, as in a diamond shape.

Heart: your jaw line is narrow, whereas your cheekbones and/ or forehead are slightly wider.

Oblong: your face is rounded on your forehead and chin, but still longer vertically.

Rectangle: your face is mostly around the same width from your forehead to your jaw.

Pear: the widest part of your face is your jaw, whereas your forehead is narrower.

Oval: your face is slightly round on the forehead and jawline, and the length equals around one a half times the width.

Round: rounded forehead and jawline, and length and width are around the same measurement.


We hope the images and the added info helped you to figure out which one is your shape, as well as showed you how to make the best of it with highlighting and contouring! Check back in a couple days for Holiday party hair inspirations!